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  • Hello Gerson,

    Nice to meet you. I also live in California. In the San Fernando Valley. Where about do you stay? I see that you own an 860 it looks nice. Tell me about it Is it really a bad unit. I like the nissan engine and the blower the pump and i hear the heat is outstanding 400ft dual wanding at 240 degrees easy. Is that true? What is the main problem with these units that people want to stay away from? .
    Hello Gtech. I am looking into ace 860 used tm. it has 1112 hours for 8500. I hear that they are a beast for dual wanding. It will be my first tm. i hear that you know about this tm. Any advice on them. are they reliable? apo goes out often on this machine. its not really good that is the only downside of this machine. everything else is good. How is the maintenace service on this machines? are they really expensive?
    HI, Art is great to know that we have the same purpose in life , praise the Lord and God bless you .
    Hi Gerson,
    This is Art in Orlando Florida. I spoke to you on Friday about the ProChem Performer and you suggested some items at great prices from *****. Thanks for that! Also, thank you for your testimony! I follow The Lord too. My family and I served in Bosnia from 1998 to 2006. I still serve win Business As Mission helping brothers in Africa. Great knowing a fellow brother!
    Hi Gerson my name is Dennis,i see you live near me .I live in Palmdale ,trying get in to the carpet cleaning bussiness .
    i have asked other cleaning owners if they can teach me ,but always get the same response.can you email so i can ask you some questions,if its not to much trouble thank you dennis..... [email protected] or better yet can you call me at 310-365-0530
    Thanks for forwarding my info to your friend! We do not do any servicing, or software upgrades. We strictly sell parts. He can try calling Mike Farmer at Zenith with any questions 276-645-8632. If he ends up needing to purchase any parts thats where I come it. We are a zenith distributor. Hope this helps! Thanks!
    Aimee 800-346-4331
    thank you for all your help,i want to thank you for sharing all you experience not all the guys do that ,i hope the best for you,not selfish and helping people that can be your competitors,that says a lot about you,god bless you with health and work,Leal Cleaning.(JOEL LEAL)

    I love your testimony, and thank you for encouraging me in the carpet cleaning. My husband and I are offering carpet cleaning now, starting with a portable and we did order the chemicals from magic wand. thank you for suggesting grease eater. Will I be able to use this product on all carpets>
    We share a few common grounds #1 We love and follow Jesus. #2 We have a passion for the carpet & upholstery cleaning biz. I sent you a friend request to keep contact since we are in the same state. I operate the East Inland Empire
    Bought a big ticket $ item from gtech12v and knew I was taking a risk doing it. All i can say is he came through as he said he would. You can trust this guy if you have any questions before you buy something from him feel free to send me a pm or call me 603-470-3909 My name is Andy Dearborn.
    We met at Connections and you asked me to send our estimate sheet, custy service sheet and contractor price sheet. Please email me your email address so I can add it to the email that goes out containing the above info.
    Have a great day, and it was a pleasure to meet you in Vegas,
    Bob Shepard, VP
    LamanatorPlus, Inc. 810-220-0055
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