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  • Pete, I don't know if you still remember. This is Razon. I was wounder if you can help me with something. I got involved with cleaning business man. I don't know how I got involved but I am. I was wounding if I can call you and meet somewhere in Fredericksburg, may be in one of my restaurants. I just need help and need to talk to a export and you are the person I know. Thanks man.
    Hi Razon,
    Welcome to the cleaning business! I will be closed for vacation next week, I could meet you when I get back after the 15th.
    Kleen Vac
    Thanks Man. I will call you.
    Hi Peter, my name is Marco, and I’m interested in doing tile and grout cleaning, I already order the SX15, but I was wondering if you could help me with some advice, like what other tools do you think that I’m going to need as well as what chemicals do you think that I should carry in the van; In advance thank you so much for the help and I hope I’m not bothering you.
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    Kleen Vac
    Hi Marco, my name is Razon. I Started my business last month in Fredericksburg area. I was wondering what you are doing to get leads. If you have the time call me at 540 308 1785.
    Grout guy whos grout color seal do you use and what clear seal.I use few different just trying get pricing down .Plus pricing for color seal 12x12 4x4 and mosaics grout line
    Thanks Bob
    Hey man I am up here in Northern Virginia. Do you ever do work up here? I am about a year in and thought it would be good to meet others in the field that I could trust. Anyways that's it take care and I will hopefully talk to you soon.
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