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    Hard water deposits on granite

    That's some serious deposits there. Start with a razor blade and then maybe some stone scrub from stone pro. It's hard to work that close to faucits without damaging them which is why they are normally removed.
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    Travertine Tabletop Questions

    Hold on to your shorts. Here's my two cents. I'd do it the same way you do a floor. It's a substantial table and should be fine with your floor machine on it. This would be much faster than doing it by hand...and with better results. Bring lots of drop cloths and tape!
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    best place and web link for replacement 20hp kohler for legend?

    So where did you wind up getting it???
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    How much Product do you keep on the shelves ?

    @Jim Davisson , where do you get those small spray bottles?
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    All about hoses

    @Jim Davisson why not use the kleen rite hose for the whole run??? It's cheap and seems to be really flexable.
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    Mytee vac motor replacement

    @johnp94, it's just stuck on there man...pull it off! Sometimes the motor, gasket and tank become somewhat fused together...probably from the suction, water intrusion, corrosion and time.
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    How long should carpets stay clean after professional cleaning?

    Similar to a shirt you get back clean from the drycleaner...a lot of that depends on you.
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    FYI House call pro

    thanks, that makes sense
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    FYI House call pro

    Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated. How do you syncronize your new updated contacts in each?
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    Flu shot. Do you get one?

    The above is someting to think about. After flu season starts we know which strain is most prevalent...if they guessed wrong on the strain the shot is utterly uneffective. So often later in flu season they are selling flu shots with a certian prevcieved effectiveness when in fact they know...
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    Ink pen on vinyl upholstrey

    Probably not coming off. Test under the chair. You might have to pull the black covering off the bottom if there is one. Vinyl is not a friend of solvents which is what gets pen off. Keep in mind sometimes solvents will take the "finish" off vinyl and still look fine...untill you step back...
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    The most asked question in carpet cleaning

    McDonalds has sold billions of “cheap” hamburgers...they are still in business. Ruths Chris sells burgers too...for 12 bucks...they both have a valid business model. Each is totally different and has a different clientele. Level of service and presentation must be commiserate with the price...
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    Color Sealing Mexican Floors

    Beautiful job! Hope you charged well for that one! That's a lot of work. I like the tape on the overhead sconces!
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    Should I stick with ETM or go for a Entry Tm?

    I have a mytee etm and a prochem ledgend. Most residential and a significant amount of commercial you can get by with truckmount with a fresh 20hp motor and a 36 blower if it's plumbed well. I run 2.5 straight to the waste tank and have a kunkle set at 14hg. It works well. My etm worked...