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  • Bob, I've been OPing about 2yrs now. Glad pads are the best, just the quality is all over the place. Steve at Vacaway has some durapads that are good. The microfiber pads on the Trinity have a lot of potential.

    The rotary vs OP has little to do with the 1800 opm vs 175 rpms. The real difference is the random orbits vs circles. The random orbits clean all sides of the fiber at one time. To get the same clean from a rotary the operator needs to go E-W and N-S with a glad pad or SLOWLY with a soft brush. The only chems to use are CCS or Vacaway. Specifically Genie's Potion, Padcap Pro and Blaze or Intensity Green, Quantum Green, Intensity Red, Blast, Pee Radicator, Encap Green, Cyclone, and Spot N Boost (regular and green).
    I have trinity from CCS this is bear John has patient on new op .Works great just starting to trick with pads what works better.Op far superior than rotary it's 1800 op minute reverse 175 rpms .chemicials have good idea what works.i buy chemicials from all over place.Everyone as good and weak product.If have any questions give me call 215 840-1440
    Well Im not far from you im in west knox off ceder bluff. There are a lot of people working for nothing here I dont know why that is or how they do it, but I can only guess that you get what you pay for. Sonny
    Hey That sounds good If I need help I will get in touch with you. I assume your in knoxville? ...Sonny
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