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    Enzyme prespray: do's and dont

    If you are using synthetic enzyme high heat does not affect them. I get the most consistent results when using enzyme pre-sprays. Three that I have used and like, KleenRite Klenz, Cobb's Powermax and Rotovac Oxy-enzyme. Rotovac Oxy-enzyme is my favorite. $160 bucks delivered, 4-8lb...
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    Nuclean Brutus

    Good stuff, but there are less expensive, easier to use products. Is it still 2-part?
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    Anybody hungry lol

    Brackfas, the most important meal of the day.
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    Fogger system???

    Thanks @OldCarpetVet and @Scott W Sorry, I should have been clearer. My question was not just about ducts, but if I were to only get one system for GP, what should it be. I think Scott answered my question. I'm just thinking about adding it as a service, move outs, cars, RV's, etc. Thanks guys.
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    Fogger system???

    Why would a wet fog be better? In general, if you had to choose one method only, wet or dry fog machine, which would you choose. Thanks
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    Fogger system???

    Why would a wet fog be better? Thanks
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    I just closed down my business

    Sorry to hear that @Todd the Cleaner . Speedy recover.
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    Rage truckmount is a good buy?

    Wouldn't be my first choice.
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    Lets talk about grout sealers

    See above. ^^^^^^ Cobb's ultraseal impregnator.
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    Rotowash before and after

    @RENEWCARPET is this the first and only job you have done on cut pile like this?
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    Pre-Spray of choice! let's hear it boys

    Rotovac Oxy-enzyme. Before someone starts crying, Waa! Waa! "You need hot water to mix that stuff". Get some hot water, you supposed to be a carpet cleaner.
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    Car Wraps or Large Lettering?

    What he is showing you is lettering, not a wrap. Nothing wrong with that. Looks good. But, in a few years if you decide to take the lettering off, it will ruin your paint. A wrap will not do that.
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    Car Wraps or Large Lettering?

    You may want to check out getting a partial wrap. Wraps cost by the square foot. I just bought a car and got white because I will most likely just do a partial wrap. Most wraps are too busy and their message gets lost in all the clutter. Geico cars are a good example of a partial wrap...