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  • I purchased from steambright a pumptech 500psi regulator repair kit for one of my portablesM500, it came with a piston black rubber that goes on the piston and another metal ring with a rubber in the middle. I am trying to figure out does the round ring with rubber go in first and than piston? I am not sure! Or just piston? Not sure if this peace is something extra they send for other similar machines. Can you help?
    Hey there Goomer,

    I tried to start a conversation PM but it wont let me.

    You mentioned on the thread you have any easy way to convert a parallel speedster to Series using the newest LX motors.

    Please tell me more.

    Mine are 2013 Speedsters and have the Cat Pumps and Motor.

    The current 5.7 Vac's are mounted upside down on the base of the recovery tank.



    Your threads are always interesting and informative to those who lack.......(intelligence-??!)...knowledge!

    Good going!
    Seems to often be a little of each.
    Frustrating to see the same questions over and over again get over-complicated answers that do not address the basics involved, which should always be understood before anything else.
    Try a heat gun and a paint scrapper. There is a tool called a gum-getter that tells you use the tool with alcohol. The heat gun works best
    Sorry I worded that wrong. I just want hotsy 555ss 1300 psi 2.2gpm to be used for carpet cleaning at 400-500 psi. Possible ?
    First off, the pump would need to be adjustable from 1300 down to 400+.

    The flow switch that fires the burner would have to be able to be work under the lower flow of CC tools.
    There are lower flow switches available, but I am unfamiliar with your unit to know if it can be changed to a lower-flow fired switch if necessary.....they are usually pretty standard switches that are changeable.
    Assuming these issues can be taken care of, all you have to do is adapt the hose fittings to standard CC fittings and it's plug-n-play right to your tool.
    I see you have knowledge of pressure washers. Any ideas how I can convert my hotsy pressure washer to heat exchanger unit ?
    Not sure if it would be feasible.
    Changing such a unit to a heat-exchanger would obviously require adding one of two heat exchanger units.

    Excuse my NYC French, but how the fook and where the fook are you going to mount them?
    Can they handle higher pSI?
    Will they offer enough BTU to keep up with the high flow and HIGH VOLUME of a PW pump?

    Keep in mind, LOW FLOW heat-exchange CC units are suppoted by the heat generation of 15-20 Hp engines in general, not smaller 6?hp engines found on PW
    specific units.
    No need to contemplate any further if you can't remedy these 2 fundamental limitations
    I was looking for the thread where you posted the info regarding air cooled small engine oil, and for the life of me can't find it. Do you have a specific oil that you like for a generator? Thanks man.
    Suction can overtake most APO pumps. Majority of the time I will shut of vacuums after level is above the APO inlet then start (prime) the APO. Once flowing I'm golden and can restart vacuum.
    FYI New Jagaur has a different APO set up.
    My Orecks eats up the fiber pads very fast ,also. (MB)
    From Rcks fiber plus to the cheapo white burnishing pads. Ricks cotton pads (Tuways) for the Oreck are only OK for agitation .
    Considering placeing a cotton pad between the Oreck and Fiber Pad. Any ideas ?
    Been using our 60lb 13inch 175 a lot more lately.
    How does that M-5 with the Shazaam booster do for ya? How long of hose runs do you usually do?
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