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  • Im not having too much issues with it. Just curious if everyone else had the yellow page ads dry up on them within the past year. But maybe I am doing things old school because they did work up untill this recession thing came to pass

    You are having quite a quandry about marketing.

    I know you service some smaller towns.

    But, If any of them have 50K or more poputation your business may qualify for markeing system .

    Call me sometime and I'll tell you how it works and you can see if it is a good fit for your company.

    Dave Yoakum
    Dear Mr. Holter as the records do and in fact indicate Nutech cleaning systems trade name was abandoned. as of NuTech Carpet Care is a Registered TradeMark and currently upto date. Registered To Me As an entitiy For the promotion and Affliations thereof to be and incorporated Franchise Dealership.
    And as the tess system indicates any "nutech cleaning systems" trade names are devalued as dead. meaning that even your application that was denied stated that the registrant.. Not You. did not apply for a u.s. coverage with the serial number 75069332 Nutech cleaning systems has been abandoned.
    I am not sure that you are aware but Nu-Tech is a Federally Registered Trade Mark owned by Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems, Inc. It is important that you contact me at 248-548-5211 to discuss.

    Brian Holter
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