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  • Hey Ken,
    Since you never reply to e mail I guess I have to get you here since I see you are ALWAYS here but are too busy to follow up with customer orders. Your customer service sux and I hate being lied to and strung along! I have been waiting for some glides that were ordered back in March. You told me they were being sent out 2 weeks ago and still nothing. WHAT THE HELL??
    Hello Marcus;

    The bad news is UPS charges $600US to ship a wand out there because of the oversized boxes these wands require. So add in the $699 cost of a wand and glide and you are charged $1299USD. I think that is around $1500 in your dollars. I charge everything in US dollars. When you order by Paypal, which is the way I take orders without outside the USA Paypal does the conversion for you.
    hi ken i live in new zealand please quote me in nz dollars to supply and frieght a mach 15 titanium wand thanking you in advance marcus barker

    How much you pay for one of these wands depends on wether you are a member of our Cleaner's Club or not. Currently Cleaner's Club members can buy these wands for only $599. None members pay $699, which is still a great price.A glide is included in those prices.
    Hey Ken, I read your posts for put 4 vacs together. You say that the parallel is better than the serial. Tell me how to put them together parallel? I never did that before. Is it every vac has be connected to the tank separate or all 4 vacs need to get into one hole? Thanks
    That is a great unit you have there. The CD units were not designed for either high heat or high psi. It works fine without either. Keep pressure at 200 PSI or lower. Keep temp below 225 degrees to stop from distorting the jets as well.

    Guess the CD guy that owned that machine must have run out of cash to pick it up again. His loss, your gain.
    Hello Ken,

    Thank you providing us forum members with such good deals!
    You may become somewhat exasperated with us as we are totally green to the industry. (we may bug you often) smiles.
    My husband has however already gotten his IICRC Certification in CCT and OCT and will be attending the UFT to this coming February.
    We have slowly been piecing our equipment together.
    We are in search of a wand that will compliment our extractor, it is the Mytee M5. We bought this unit from a follow forum member.
    Would this wand that you have listed work adequately, and match up performance wise?

    Thank you for your time!


    12" AW29 Superslide Wand/Glide- Buy the Wand, Get the Glide Free $199.00
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