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  1. george8585

    Poly/Horrible traffic patterns + cheap Customer

    A CRB with stiff brushes does a very good job and it digs most of the crap out of the base of the carpet that your vacuum missed. Yellow brushes from Whittaker are the best I have found for trashed poly.
  2. george8585

    Your prices are too high...

    C - Kindly turn down the job
  3. george8585

    Smell While Drying

    Spice Air is my favorite
  4. george8585

    Smell While Drying

    I used RSF Spiked and rinsed with Magic Wands Crystal Rinse last week and the customer a 93 year old woman told me the carpet looked new again and the house smelled clean.
  5. george8585

    Blue Thunder Restoration Job

    I have a Hawk 13'' 175-300. It's a good machine.
  6. george8585

    Rotovac issues

    No problems with my T Rex Jr. I think Mytee makes the best rotary extractor. I had a 360i but sold it and got the T Rex Jr.
  7. george8585

    Silver Bullet Edition MiniMax

    The Mini Max is the Lexus of VLM equipment.....
  8. george8585

    Vacuum just died, what would you get ?

    I like a Kirby for trashed apartments. They are powerful. I buy them used off Ebay for about $100. Only problem is they don't have a wand but they do get close to the wall. What they miss I just suck up with my vacuum hose. I use a Pro Team 1500xp for most residential and commercial.
  9. george8585

    What do you hate most about your business

    WINTERS !!!!!!!!!!! and April. 75% of customers in the HORRIBLE state of New Jersey wait till they are sure the cold and snow is done and after the cold and snow it rains 3-4-5 days a week in April. I'm totally dependent on nice weather to be busy. Most of my work is residential. Starting...
  10. george8585

    "Can you come take a look..."

    One possibility is.....They didn't use a CRB too get all the dog hair out of the carpet, especially the dog hair that's pushed down too the base of the carpet. The dog hair left in the carpet gets wet from cleaning and is causing that wet doggie odor. CRB is a must for these jobs.
  11. george8585

    malish pad driver

    Hello Peter....I don't know if he is still selling them but it was James from New Again Carpet, Fort Wayne Indiana - 260-210-3847. I got mine in Jan. 2016.
  12. george8585

    Special Formula for what?

    Rob's says in his video on spiked it has groutmaster and 02 added
  13. george8585

    Fragrance Free & Green Carpet Cleaner?

    Bonnet Pro Surround Free has no odor and is green but it's not green certified
  14. george8585

    What logo looks better??

    they both look good but if I have to pick one I would say the left