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    My path in life has changed, and I Need help choosing a new truckmount!

    Just my 2 cents worth. For and owner operator like myself I went with a Chief package. Little Giant 4ht heater. Very easy to operate and maintane. Now here is where things get sticky. I leased my though Aztec for $465. a month. I kept working capital in my pocket and write off payments as an...
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    Janitorial employees, pay them by the...

    Jeff, If they are independent contractors does you insurance company require them to have liability insurance and workmans comp? Mine does.
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    Janitorial employees, pay them by the...

    I pay by the hour. If you have the right person who will do the work right all the time, then by the job works out. I had a husband wife team work for me for years and I payed them by the job. One time I asked him how much he was making per hour, just to make sure I was paying him enough. He...
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    How clean this filthy polyester?

    Pre spray with groutmaster boost. Scrub with cimex. HWE with as hot a water as possibile. Collect check.
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    Spiking encap juice with grout master

    I was using Rob's encap juice, not sure of the name and added a shot of citris kick to it. Smelled good and worked great.
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    HELP Picking our first TM for Spring...

    Don't know anything about it, but in the TMF classifieds there is a Genesis NXT 59 used for sale. Duel wand and only 6K. Maybe fix up or rebuild?
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    I bought a van.

    Looks nice. They fill up fast !!
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    My new Van and Equipment.

    Nice set up. Get out there and rock it.
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    New vct

    Neutral cleaner and old black pad or green. 4 coats and collect the check.
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    My New Van!!

    Looks good. Filler up.
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    Looking for a little giant

    I have used a LG HT2 for about 6 years with no issues. Just moved up to the 4T ht xp heater. If you can get that used one buy it and don't look back. You will love it. Get and under belly tank to mount under your van. Gives you more room in van and is DOT approved.
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    Wanna give me some tips to improve my website?

    Everything you want the customer to know about you needs to be on the top of page. No scrolling down.
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    BBQ Cleaning

    Groutmaster is the answer for everything. Give it a try and let us know how it works !!!
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    Little Giant

    I don't have pictures, but I had a 2ht LG heater in my van for years. I had it in the van next to the portable with a gas grill tank. I had a rubber mat on floor of van and it never slid around at all.
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    possible business 25% fair?

    I would buy a used mini van for a couple thousand dollars and move on with building my business.