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    Bedbugs…in my house? picture of carpet beetles, adults and larva on my blog. those don't look like carpet beetles or bedbugs to me, could you get a clearer picture?
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    The Aloha thread about nothing!

    okay maybe the new stuff... but not 92 pages of nothing.
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    The Aloha thread about nothing!

    wow, I read one page of this thread. no way I am going to read anymore.
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    Ty Secret Shopped strong armed me in front of my kid

    it might be time for me to raise my prices again.
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    How loud is your Truckmount?

    Went to a muffler shop today to try and quiet my rig down. Mine is LOUD! after looking it over he said a muffler wouldn't help any. the prochem legend already has a muffler and a blower silencer... so why is mine loud as hell? turns out when I was putting a new engine in the TM, I made my...
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    Bedbugs…in my house?

    if you do find something, post a pic. Good luck man.
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    Bedbugs…in my house? just because it kills bed bugs doesn't mean it's harmful to humans.... watch out, it might dry your hands.... X590... bad for you. it carries a "Warning" signal word, in pest control I stick with the...
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    Bedbugs…in my house?

    heat is great for the things you can heat, not practical to heat the whole house though. to heat a house good enough it's just financially not worth it. CimeXa dust is what i would use if treating bedbugs at one of my pest control jobs. make sure it's bed bugs, get a flashlight and start...
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    Bedbugs…in my house?

    hire a pro, if not, try this:
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    Black Light Glasses

    hurts your eyes big time even looking at the floor. We tend to ignore how much UV light there is because we can't see it. if you got a super bright regular flashlight, shined it on a wall, and stared at it, your eyes would instantly shrink it's pupal restricting light into your eyeballs. your...
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    Lost my black light.

    just shine it in your bathroom, you'll never look at it the same again.
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    Lost my black light.

    how do you like the light?
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    Black Light Glasses

    Lots of debate on the best blacklights, I love these 2: But what I really want to talk about is eye protection. UV light is very bad for your eyes. even worse for me, I have damage already to a macula...
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    Lost my black light. this is the one I buy, comes with batteries, charger and free shipping. $16.14. always read the description carefully when buying on ebay.
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    How to buy something and not get ripped off.

    unless you are using paypal to make a "a personal transfer." like they are asking him to. paypal works great, but don't try and cut their fees out by doing a personal transfer, then you'll get no help if you need it.