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    Lift, Ramp, ???? - Need to modify van to save my back

    I've been getting back pains and they're not going away. I really need to find a solution since I can't keep on lifting floor buffers, burnishers, portable steam carpet cleaning equipment, autoscrubbers, etc, into my van. What's a good cost-effective solution? I thought of everything from...
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    VCT Fundamentals & Such!

    I just want to expand upon a few points... 1) Get help. Not only because there are many steps involved, but the soles your shoes will oftentimes be covered in stripper and you can't run back and forth, especially over other waxed floors. The other person can help with filling the rinse water...
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    Tile & Grout With A 175? Brush/Pad recommendation??

    I have a small autoscrubber that can rinse & pick up residue. I am working some high-rise offices and saw the water hog & porty recommendation, but would rather use a 175. No hoses to run, one person can go with the 175, the other follows with the scrubber. Can anyone recommend a good brush...
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    Excell power washer unloader question

    Briggs & Stratton. I read a lot about the problems associated with B&S and later they started using Honda engines. It makes sense that the valve is in the front with the high pressure output. Thanks.
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    Excell power washer unloader question

    I have an Excell VR2320 I use for occasional cleaning outside rental homes. Lately, the engine has been dying when I let off the trigger. Everything else works fine, pressure is good, responsive, etc, it is just a pain having to restart the engine everytime I let off the trigger for more than...
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    Has Anyone Used A Counter Scrubber To Clean Shower Grout?

    I am considering getting a Counter Scrubber like the one MyTee sells to add shower cleaning services to the list. I just wanted to ask whether anyone uses something similar and what kind of results you are getting. Thanks.
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    what are the options for clear sealer that can be just sprayed on and buffed

    Are we talking about grout sealer or actually leaving a coat over the ceramic tile itself? I didn't think people left sealer, wax, or any kind of finish on ceramic tile. I'm not sure it would even look good.
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    I bought a Geer Press and have used it on a few jobs already. Wow, it is fast. I wish the wax holes were located closer to the edge of the pad. I get a small wax lake on top of the applicator, but I am learning to live with that.
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    Spray Buffing @ 320 rpm vs 1000 or 1500 rpm

    Hard flooring is my main line, although I do have janitorial contracts and a steam carpet portable for high-rise offices. I know what it is to start on a limited budget. I bought used machines, a Clarke FM1700 175rpm, and a burnisher whose name I don't remember, but its got some age on it...
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    Cleaning Shower Tile

    What about a Waterhog & Mytee hand tool counter scrubber combination?
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    New to the industry and need advice

    There's enough education on this website to earn a Master's Degree in tile & grout. Just have to search a little. Good luck on your business. I learned a lot just being on this site.
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    ~~HELP~~ *SOS* Customer called me about cleaning some VCT in a commercial office ~~HELP~~

    I agree with Kenny. A lot can go wrong with waxed flooring. There are waxes for every need, each requiring a different maintenance plan. Here is a link with some great information, but I still recommend taking a course with someone who has lots of experience. link not valid
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    What methods do you use to measure Sq. ft.?

    I highly recommend this. Used it just yesterday to measure bathrooms, a receiving area, a coffee bar area for customers, break rooms, hallways in one place and I was able to talk to the owner the whole time while doing it. In and out in 15 minutes. I had my helper record the measurements...
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    ~~HELP~~ *SOS* Customer called me about cleaning some VCT in a commercial office ~~HELP~~

    A cleaning could just mean a spray buff, coming in with an autoscrubber, or doing a little buffing with a red pad on a 175 machine. You can clean without stripping and waxing. For simple buffing and cleaning, I charge 12¢ per sf on jobs larger than 2000 sf, 18¢ 1000-2000 sf, below that, I...