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    Cleaning Gloves

    I go with the 6 mil nitrile gloves. They are more durable and rip less. As for products many are safer just read the label or descriptions. We use some plant based products with great results
  2. Frank House

    Maaco vs Dealer for fender bender

    We used Maaco many times. Never had an issue and like that we can get the vehicle back way faster then other places. Here is some warranty information from there site. BODY PANELS AND MECHANICAL PARTS If you elect to replace a panel rather than have it repaired, two options are available to...
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    A little help for an odor issue in MY basement

    I would use a 70 Pint dehumidifier. It won't have to run all the time. I feel Like you would notice a big difference with that alone. I would set it at 40%.
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    A little help for an odor issue in MY basement

    Would need more information to assist. The climate zone you live in. Have you used a moisture meter or hygrometer on the area? Do you know what the relative humidity is in the area in question? I would normally recommend to most people with basements a 70 pint dehumidifier. A dehumidifier...
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    Help with blue stain

    But seriously you are the professional. A fiber test would be needed. Remove as much of the dried slime as possible. Using a bone scraper of rigid tool. I have made up my normal product mixture and hot water extracted slime out of carpet before very easily. It depends the type of carpet and...
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    Help with blue stain

    Carpet Slime remover of course. lol
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    1st 100 people gets this for FREE & FREE Shipping!!

    Thank you guys for doing this and changing the industry in such great ways!!! Keep up the great work.
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    Duct cleaning business on a budget

    Make sure to have a system in place to close off vents in the home that you are not working on. Many places sell a magnet that covers the vents. This is to be used on all vents but the one your cleaning and then cover that vent and remove the next and so on. This is beneficial all the way around...
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    Faux granite counter top?

    Could be Granicrete, Concrete, Soapstone, and Quartz. Most likely Granicrete but would need photos of top and under to confirm.
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    Van Wraps Van Wrap - Feedback Needed

    I like your top one. You don't need anymore wording looks great.
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    Van Wraps Van Wrap - Feedback Needed

    That's a good one hahahaha
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    Soot residue

    I would use chem sponges on the walls. But first what type of paint is on the walls? Eggshell, flat, gloss or semi gloss. 1. Steps chem sponge walls and ceilings 2. Use a wall wash and clean the walls and ceiling depending on the paint type 3. Use a stain and odor blocking paint as a sealer...
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    Ungrateful customer!

    It all depends on the person. Personally my goals this year is to never make less then 100,000 a month. So far I have passed that every month. To some that seems High to me its just right for now. Always set yearly goals and try to meet them. Build a plan and attack it. You'll do just fine.