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  • Hey Jason! Still around. Been busy with work, a couple deaths in the family and enjoying our summer.
    Hope you had a great year so far! Ivan
    Hey Florida Carpet Cleaner, thanks for helping me with my computor problem (lost password)!!!!!!
    Your Pal,

    Seriously Jason,
    Give the Masterblend uph. prespray a try.
    Most of these guys use the same products from interlink or jondon.
    Kinda keeps them linited in thier choices in my opinion.
    I've done the enzyme thing with uph. and it SUCKS compared to the product I mentioned.
    I'm not a supplier or employee of one, I just appreciate products that make my work easier and results better than my competition. Ivan
    Alliance may have one..I know they have a few Tm's for sale for FOR $2500..813-882-0010..I Think that's the ##..Ask for dave he's a good guy he'll hook you up.If the # is wrong hit me up again ...But i'm sure that's it..
    craigslist is awesome i get 30+ jobs a month from there ..STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPANIES and do it own your own..You will be glad you did..It's hard but never give up..I been in business almost a year and i am at job # 197.With 5 children and the only income i have ruff times but i keep moving forward.I currently dedicate 1 day a week and i go to 20+ business's a week I get alot of no's but i HAVE GOT 2 COMMERCIAL JOBS ..The no's , i smile and give them a card..THE LAW OF NUMBERS WILL PAY OFF..My mom lives in citrus co as well..GOOD LUCK
    The newspaper is good $100 for a ad everyday for a month..online ebay,kijiji , flyer.com,craigslist and super pages all are free and i get alot of work from them..Valpak and the paper flyer are awesome but expensive BUT REALLY PAY Off..
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