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    Water leak!!!

    Hi there, I have decided to move to my new home next month. There are some small works to be done before moving there. Some works have already been done. One of the essential works remaining is to replace the existing water heater with a new one or to repair the old one. There is already a...
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    Repair of security system

    Hey folks, A few years ago, we had a home security system installed in our house. It was working very well. One day while we were not at home, there was a burglary attempt and as the system worked properly and provided signal, which enables the locals to intervene and catch the thief. But for...
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    Which is the effective strategy for marketing?

    Hey folks, Two of my friends and I are planning to start a business by next month. All the technical parts for our new venture is almost clear now. One of the main thing remaining is marketing and advertising. We all know the importance of marketing to promote our new business. As there are...
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    Which is better for windows?

    Hello Friends, I moved to another house with my family a month ago. We are eager to improve our insides with the most delightful things. We have purchased almost everything and only a few remaining. Another important thing that we have to purchase is curtains for windows. When with my friends...
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    Custom signs for new business

    Hi friends, I'm planning to start a business with my friends in the city center. We are very excited about that as it was our dream for a few years. We are a group of four people, jointly hardworking for our new venture for many months to get started. Each person handles each area, and I'm...
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    Importance of banner for marketing

    Hey folks, I am planning to start a business by next month. All the technical aspects are clear now. The primary thing to focus on now is marketing and advertising. As it is a new venture, I knew the importance of marketing of my business. As there are many conventional and digital marketing...
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    Anybody have experience with virtual office

    Hi all, I wish to start a small business, which was my dream for a long. But in this pandemic situation, opening a business is very difficult. When discussed my strong wish to begin a business with my friends, they suggested the virtual office. I started researching it and understood that it...
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    Sealed tile?

    Good job
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    Suggestions for cleaning hand made rugs

    Home decoration is very much important for me, and I believe it affects our self-perception to our self-confidence. And another important matter that I consider is to decor my home with more handmade items. These items blend with any decor and last for a long. Last week I purchased a hand made...
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    Epoxy resin floor cleaning

    I too use this method.This is effective.
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    want to start a food delivery business like Uber?

    Hi, feeling very happy to post in this forum for the very first time. If you are interested in the food delivery business, then start it in a very simple and easy way. The only thing you need initially is a mobile to contact. Then make some posters with some offers and post them on social media...