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    What gives the carpet cleaning industry a bad name to the public?

    Remember though it’s no less the customers fault either. 90% of the time the first question from them is how much per room. Never the first question being what process do you use to clean. A good percentage of customers are price driven. Only until the experience a poor job or damage. I’ve...
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    new Ford Transit 250 plus Sapphire 370SS truckmount

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    Cement floor

    Zorball. Not sure if it’s just a Canadian product. Other thing you can try is kitty litter. Depending on how fresh and how much will be on how well any of it work.
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    new Ford Transit 250 plus Sapphire 370SS truckmount

    Where are you located?
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    What's your best carpet cleaning "tip & trick"?

    Bring twice as much as you think you need.
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    Why are carpet cleaners so “diversified”?

    I don’t know about anyone else. But I was working when a lot of other trades weren’t. I guess because we can and do many services. When one slows we have a lot of diversity. Over many years I noticed when others were slow I was always steady. Never had a government hand out in my life in any form.
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    Help me name a spotter contest

    How about “TMF‘s wipe out spotter” Tag line “If wipe out doesn’t work you need A professional”
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    Tell me you’re a carpet cleaner...

    Because my cologne is upholstery dry cleaning fluid!
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    How was your 2020? Poll

    One of the very best years in 30. Sales are up a staggering 200%. Hired more people this year than any other. Even trying to get rid of contracts to slow down. The problem is trying to get anyone to work. Had an offer to purchase the company earlier in the year and pulled the plug on the deal...
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    Event Upholstery pre-agitation tool shoot out!

    Would love to get one of the battery type. Can’t find them in Canada. Amazon is out [emoji853]
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    Mercy Christmas all! Just got in from a strip and wax job. Been there since 6am. Nice that the rest of the world enjoys time off except us poor lowly contract cleaners LOL! Not a bad thing. Got out of hosting Christmas dinner and instead having it cooked for me!!!! Yaaaaaa
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    Please help! Brand New 30% Viscose Rug Completely Ruined after Cleaning

    Just toss them in the friggen dump save everyone a lot of time lol
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    Linen sofa (customer put a cover on his sofas) dye transferred

    Had exactly the same thing. Lightly moisten a white Terry towel with upholstery dry cleaner fluid and keep dapping it eventually it came out 90%