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    Nick Nellos's Power Reel, you should get one. (video)

    What Kind of Cuffs are those. Mine comes unhooked all the time.
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    Has anyone tried the new Flex with Citrus Solv?

    I do use this product in the liquid form mixed with 4 oz. of Citrus Solv. I only use it on commercial carpet and/or rental's because it is my understanding that if you use any thing residential that has a warranty it will void it because of the pH being more then 10.0. I clean a few wing street...
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    question on flushing the vacuum system on bane clene

    Why would you want to buy something else? I have a Bane and use there oil. You only have to change the oil once every 500 hours and use 1 to 2 oz once a week. It really is not that expensive and why risk it is my opinion.
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    TMF forum changes...

    Well actually its been about 4 months
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    TMF forum changes...

    Hello all, I have been getting on this site for about two months and see a lot of good post, and I have yet to figure out how to post my own questions that I have. Can someone please tell me how to do that. THanks in advance!!
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    Bane-Clene Machines?

    Well Well It seems that the old saying to each there own is true. I have a Bane and for the types of houses, apartments, restarants, motels, and banks that I clean it works great. I have a friend that has a different machine and he thinks its great. He has however put a new motor on his as well...
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    Rob, How do you post a question on here?

    Rob, How do you post a question on here?
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    Whats the best way to advertize in a new town?

    Whats the best way to advertize in a new town?
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    Do I need an RX-20 to do commercial work?

    I think that it is truely what works best for you with the RX 20 or a wand. I do commercial jobs with a wand and have no problems. Another cleaner in the area uses a RX20 and has no problems. My cleaner is easy to take portable and is electric so I have no answer on the porty. I decided that I...
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    Can you apply the Scotchgard carpet protector on couches?

    Bane Clene has a product called sta-clene. It works great plus it is RTU so no mixing with water and over wetting anything.
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    Adhesive removal

    I use a product from wal-mark called goo gone. Works great for tape!! I just leave in my stain kit and no one knows.
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    Estimate Invoice has a nice one.