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    You think you can trust the media

    I agree; most of these so called "journalists" are nothing than spewing their opinions rather than investigating and reporting the truthful news; good or bad. One doesn't have to be affiliated with either party to realize this. Just have to be smart, investigate, have common sense, and be honest...
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    Best portable comercial extractor?

    Correction update: The Cross-American JAGUAR MX-2 ETM has always been available in 240v and always will be regardless of what anyone has heard or of any "rumors". Specific confidential circumstances will not honorably be shared within this or any public forum. And, btw, we do not blame JRH for...
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    No calls

    And, never forget Gentlemen: Tough times never last but tough people do. These times will eventually be history. Stand firm and move forward.
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    No calls

    I totally agree with Spazznout above. You must remember and realize that all businesses have their ups and downs, especially when new/upstarts. Even in "good times". However, use this particular time to your benefit. Review your strategy, the way you are set up to run your business, your...
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    Automatic garden hose reel

    Ara Klujian is one of the nicest and honorable person one could ever meet. A true Gentleman and business person.
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    Air Duct or another Truck Mount?

    Spazznout; I respect your answer here and IMHO, you are one of the fortunate ones who has developed that segment. However, you are unusual; one of a kind. And that's a compliment! I make the comment above because I know of a Gentleman who is in the Heating & Cooling business (20 years) with a...
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    Air Duct or another Truck Mount?

    IMHO: Not much demand for Duct Cleaning. "Out of site; out of mind" theory. I would opt for the TM.
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    Jaguar CUB unleashed!

  9. Ed Valentine

    Portable Preassure Stuck!

    There are two different components which can adjust pressure: 1. Regulator; or, 2. Unloader. These two components will operate opposite of each other. It appears that particular machine has an Unloader.
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    Mx2 jaguar shorting out on vac2

    Rich; Sorry to hear this because those particular MX motors have been very very reliable. Not having much information here, I could rule out water dripping on exposed electrical components within the base because they are protected. Other than a electrical spike on location(rare but happens)...
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    Less pressure using an electric heater

    Pump is cavitating. Also dependent on the pump design.
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    Jaguar Carpet Cleaning Machine

    For anyone in Dublin, or anyone in Europe, contact SOLUTIONS, Cornwall in the UK (01209 204343) and ask for hundreds of testimonials of actual users in your area. They will gladly offer these operators contact numbers for your research. Ask them any questions you want regarding the performance...
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    New LX vac motor conversion kit

    "Give it a rest", Ed --JL OK then John. I'll just whisper next time so no one hears us!-lol ha-ha-ha! But glad you are happy with your selection.
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    New LX vac motor conversion kit

    Contact Ametek and have them compare both models ( single stage 6.6 & dual stage 8.4) choosing the same amp draw.
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    Problem with Jaguar 8.4 vacuum life

    Something does not sound right, Tom. Never heard so many vac motors going down on any machine period. Where did you purchase the vac motors? Wonder if they were the models which are over-amp? Where they 120v, or 240v and where do you plug them into? I was told that you even plugged one in direct...