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    Unboxing the new Gravity VLM by Hos Orbot! (Video)

    My only thoughts are the inability to use bonnets with this set up? You would have to fully saturate the bonnet before the encap made it to the floor, thus eliminating the recovery abilities of the bonnet?
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    Orbot rust

    Nice work mike. Nothing in our society is built to last anymore unless you do it yourself.
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    OMEGA Encap

    I have ALWAYS had better results with HOT hot as you can get. It is a piece of cleaning pie and logically will break down soil quicker than cold water
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    Question about the Rug Doctor

    If the OP is still reading this thread then I will throw a monkey wrench into the discussion and say he has a much better chance of succeeding at cleaning his carpets with an Oreck Orbiter, some bonnets and some good encap prespray than he does with a Rug Doctor...for about the same equipment...
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    Prespray question for VLM & encap guys

    Mike Im not understanding your math. Are you saying that one jug of releasit will only cover 300 sq. ft? If so that is way off. One RTU (Ready to Use, mixed) gallon covers 300 sq. ft. So a jug of releasit would cover 9600 sq. ft (128 /4 = 32 (x 300))making it $.0043 per gallon?? Procyon, Bonet...
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    Prespray question for VLM & encap guys

    Yes I believe it is safe for all fibers. And yes you can use it as your encap cleaner and mix it stronger for a pre spray.
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    Prespray question for VLM & encap guys

    If concerned, drop to Vacaway Hot Knife Extreme. Its nearly as potent as Grease Hawg but without the high ph.
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    Bloody Hell...

    Where is your "Before" picture Mike? [emoji1]
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    Prespray question for VLM & encap guys

    No better encap pre spray on the market than Vacaway Grease Hawg (4-8 oz a gallon) combined with Vacaway Detonator (5 oz per gallon) Because it is expensive, I do not use that combo as my main cleaner in my OP, but for pre spray and dwell the above recipe is awesome.
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    How do I Encap corners?

    Make sure your bonnet is at least 2" larger than your pad driver. So if you are running a 17" pad driver on the Orbot, run at least a 19" bonnet, for bad edges and corners you could run a 20-21" this will make sure you have bonnet agitation on edges an corners. True the full weight of the...
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    How many sq ft do pads and bonnets cover?

    Typically you will see your cleaning effectiveness lessen as the bonnet becomes saturated. When that happens, put on a new one. Also most OPs will begin to have a "ruff ride" as the Bonnet gets heavy with moisture. So the more you use your machine, the better you get at determining when to...
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    TMF Goodwill Thread

    Thanks Rob and all TMF supporters! There is no doubt in my mind that I use better machines, chemicals and techniques because of TMF. With this help I feel I'm one of the best Carpet, Tile and VCT cleaning companies in my area. Without all of you, I would be mediocre like much of my competition.
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    walked away from a job. Something didnt feel right...

    Always, ALWAYS, follow your gut. Every time I have failed to do so I have gotten burned.
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    Ever hear of challenger pad system?

    Yes. They make good OP machines. Their biggest drawback in my opinion is they are behind the competition in design. No onboard spray system and lack of wheels down operation make them more difficult to use versus an Orbot or Trinity.
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    Encap guys, how would you handle this?

    One thought with the Rx-20... What is the head weight on that? As a general rule, based on a 17 inch driver, you need about 50-75lbs of head weight for your machine to be effective.