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    prochem legend se runs but has miss at times when working it

    runs great but misses while working it next thing the battery was dead when tried to restart it started right up when put charger on it changed the voltage regulator on motor any other ideas?
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    does anyone have problems dealing with insurance adjusters

    are they just mean? have exact mate program and they still fight you tooth and nail does anyone else have issues
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    doing allergy clinic has anyone used soapy water for prespray they dont want normal presprays used

    i have a prochem truckmount will using soapy water as prspray affect my truckmount or do you have anyother ideas please help thank you
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    crayon melted in car any ideas

    i have a customer crayons melted in car wants me to see what i can do to get them out please help
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    prochem legend se has a port in front of machine for lubricating vacuum

    what type of lubricant do i use thanks
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    need help presprays at a bowling alley

    the carpets dont look bad but have stains in many areas knowing this is probably pop alcohol etc what do you guys recommend in this situation thanks for the help
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    whats the best sprayer

    which sprayer do you use my machine takes a few to heat up so a direct sprayer would it work for me?please let me know thanks
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    question about flex

    can you add citrus solvent to it to make itmore potent and if so how much or any other ideas thank youmixing ratio for a gallon and what type of rinse do you need with flex thank you
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    did a carpet today it had grease spots and heavy soiled in runways

    im new to cleaning is there anything i can do to help on grease and runways didnt come 100 percent clean i use grease majic product is there any products that might work better? and are my standards to high to make it look like new please help?
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    i got a call about drycleaning upholstery please help

    lady called she has white furniture said it can only be dry cleaned what method does it take to do this said she had it cleaned ten years ago they used a spray bottle and like a cloth diiaper to clean it what type of cleaner would be used for this and steps? thank you
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    Customer Invoices

    if you could send me one also to ty very much
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    did my first pay job today thanks jason whaley and other members with my questions

    my prochem legend did very well today thanks for your help guys i am soar did 8 hallways today upstairs and downstairs they hadnt been cleaned in 2 years they came out nice
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    has anyone heard of catalytic converter plugged loosing heat? legend se

    took it into a shop today they said maybe loosing heat because of catalytic converter being plugged they dont smell a sulfric smell and i guess you should smell that if calytic working properly thanks for ur help