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    ASA Remediation Reduction...

    So, I've heard from more than one source now that Mold Remediation is getting to be seen as basically a "scam" by some insurance companies and that the result could be that they seriously reduce what they will pay for because of it. Does anyone have related info on this? Thanks.
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    ASA Be careful and save a life tonight (New Year's Eve)

    Save a life New Year's Eve. It's time once again to keep in mind drunk drivers' habits if you'll be doing any traveling New Year's Eve. And basically, it's pretty simple: STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE. The reason is simple: Many, if not most head- on collisions which involve drunk...
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    ASTM Heat capture vs Heat exchange...

    Thanks. It will do that when it's not, "new", too.:cool: Dominators are "complete", from a design standpoint. No real changes planned for them.
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    ASTM Heat capture vs Heat exchange...

    Similar, but more efficient. Mine routes the exhaust through the water tank. Basically, it's a shell and tube exchanger that's not round, but rectangular, with a removable top and a float valve in it. In other words, the exchanger is the incoming water reservoir. Still working on the rest of...
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    ASTM Heat capture vs Heat exchange...

    As I use the term, "heat capture", it relates to positioning something near something that's hot, so that heat radiated from the hot is transferred through the air, vs. having both in an enclosed environment as in a conventional heat exchanger. I've seen Sapphire's U- shaped water tank and they...
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    ASA $200.00/Barrel by July 1/2012. Get Ready!

    Gasoline IS going to $5.00 a gallon, as Ken sez. 'Course, it's going to take a lot longer. But a broken clock is "right" twice a day.
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    ASA Kohler honda or briggs

    Briggs: They're proven to last... as long as you can keep oil in them.  But they leak oil early- on, for some reason.  If they ever over- heat, they're not worth rebuilding, according to my friend who is factory- trained to do warranty repairs on all the various brands of air- cooled...
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    ASA Accelerated Truckmounts

    There is a learning curve when it comes to building oil- fired systems. The first one we built definitely had some problems, that only experience with them could have prevented. The second one proved to be a learning experience as well, with regard to making sure that the burner actually burns...
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    ASA $200.00/Barrel by July 1/2012. Get Ready!

    Oil Headed for Biggest Drop Since 2008 Oil Headed for Biggest Drop Since 2008 on Expectations of Slowing Global Demand
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    ASA the nerve of some of you

    Years ago (about 2004), one particular board member who doesn't frequent here called up and ordered a Predator Unleashed, to be installed on a Monday morning. We made it and Monday came- and went. He didn't return my calls, didn't call beforehand to say he wasn't coming, etc. I saw him at...
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    ASA diesel heater with propane fuel!

    Almost ready. The target is next week. In the meantime, though it's not "open for business" quite yet, here's a "back door": Shopping Cart
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    ASA For you T/M builders ......

    It can be done. Put a "Y" on the pressure out from the one currently on your system. One leg continues on as usual. The other one would be connected to the new regulator and from there, to the wand. (So it would be cold water.) Or, if you don't run too hot normally, find a regulator that can...
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    ASA diesel heater with propane fuel!

    "gravity- fed oxygen"...? Are you referring to natural convection vs. forced convection...?
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    ASA GrimeBeGone VS Viper Venom

    Our customers who use GrimeBeGone tell me that it cleans better than Viper Venom. In addition, the dilution rate for GrimeBeGone is, as you've noticed, much better, so it is much more cost- effective.
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    ASA 4m blower question

    Yeah. I know. A lot of people use that definition. But "under- driving" isn't "running at lower RPM than the maximum. It's running the blower or driven component slower than the engine, by using a larger pulley on the driven component than the engine. You can overdrive a blower and still be...