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    Adding Wood Floors to Services

    I have two Questions Poll; Which machine is best? I prefer a machine that has many purposes but wood specifically. also; what products and procedures do you use to TEST clean. I have test cleaned floors before just to find that the area i tested had no heavy coating and other areas started to...
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    Did you ever try them... id like to know how they stack up as far as durability and longevity?
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    Mold - Legal Requirements / Certification?

    Okay So I was a Tech at a franchise for years before venturing out to start my own Carpet Cleaning business. I had done Response work witch entailed treatment & containment on mold jobs (spray n cover). Now I am Starting to transition into restoration (been buying up used dehus @$400 & fans...
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    Rug cleaning scam evolved?

    Ive actually had exact same txt Sent from my LGMS631 using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Hack 101 - How hacks make us look good

    Kitty litter n use a red brick as a scrub brush... Sounds stupid but once you sweep itll be gone
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    NO prespray.....??????

    I dont know the exact number but a significant percentage of chemical and water that we use is left behind even with vortex and high end machines.. So using the least amount of water (prespray) does help carpets dry faster and leaves less chemical residues that can attract more soil.. The...
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    NO prespray.....??????

    Your right ofcourse that the best and most thorough way is to throw everything, every step at every job. Its kinda hard to sqrew up when you do. But i have cleaned many many carpets this way (with 47+ machines with awesome heat) and have never had any problems or complaints. I would love to...
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    Additional Charges

    5% of the time ill only bill out $50 hr n "break even" but the other 95% im still profitable with good margins at @$125 hr
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    Additional Charges

    Phone est: "x areas will typically run u $$$.. I only charge extra for extream conditions" works for 90% of customers
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    Additional Charges

    100gal tanks are awesome. Add water softener and ur rollin 1st class. Well worth it. I clean at 400 psi cpt, 200uph and 1200 tile (100 gal not enough for many tile jobs) bit i try not to nickle n dime people cause that will alienate customers n sometimes show up on yelp.
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    Final 3 : Vote here for member of the year 2015

    Undmfortunately.. Quantity ins always quality... Most of the posts are bored CCs just tryin to be funny.. Sometimes they succeed butbit makes it harder to find real usefull information too
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    Additional Charges

    But charging for power??? Are u using a porty? I think charging for water and power is ridiculous. At least were i live. If your profit margins are so slim u feel the need to charge for those common things you might consider increasing your prices to make healthy profit on most jobs and a lil...
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    Additional Charges

    I have a 3 tier price system that i usually dont discuss with client. Light, heavy and yuppy. $33/$46/$59 room yuppys pay for full service blue collar doesnt wanna pay for. But i do make a distinct charge for excessive conditions. If i have a regualr client (like realtors) who notice price...
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    Most reliable Truck Mount poll

    To be fair though ive never used amtex, judson, el diablo, or some of the others and it entirely possible one of those could knock my d@*€ in the dirt