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    how do you filter your water?

    I used to run a TM that occasionally would decide to dump scale into the water. I always had my wand filter but also put together a couple little filters to put on where I connected my steam line. just (female qd)(filter)(male qd) and they worked pretty well. If one got clogged I could swap it...
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    Help, new Legend SE owner!

    Some truckmounts have a valve that will open to let water pass through and keep the heat exchanger at a safe temperature. If that got stuck open you would never build good pressure when using hot water and it would constantly pour water into the waste tank. With you experiencing those things, I...
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    Need help diagnosing White Magic problem

    Might have already been checked but is your 1200 one that has to plug into the data port under the dash? We always had issues with our butlers when they came back from getting the van itself worked on because the techs would unplug it. If yours is plugged in the same way, could you possibly have...
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    Rotovac Ranger 250psi with Rotovac 360i just not cutting it. Advice?

    Typically apartments are more trashed than other carpets. Your setup sounds reliable and capable. I would try some other sprays and also make sure that youre doing a thorough pre-vacuum as well as some type of carpet agitation with a brush, crb, something like that. Also what is the dwell time...
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    Storing Diesel

    Just make sure you use a good diesel fuel stabilizer. Preferably one with an anti-gel if you're in a colder climate during the winter.
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    Etm help

    I haven't seen many ETM setups straight plumbed to a waste tank like that before. Typically I see a smaller tank with an APO, whether it be in the body of the ETM or connected to the front like a hydroforce in line filter/apo, and then that drains into a larger waste tank so your motors don't...
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    Starting Out in a Very Unique Area

    Hey Charlie, good to see another Massachusetts cleaner on here. If you get yourself a good portable that can do a good amount of hose you should be just fine. I usually put 75 feet on mine but could stretch it all the way to 250 depending on how many vacs I use. You could also set it up like a...
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    upholstery foam

    I would ask the customer and tell it like it is. There's an immense amount of soap built up in the furniture that goes far beyond the scope of a normal cleaning. You can either leave it the way it is and do your standard clean while some still gets left behind, or rinse it until it runs clear...
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    Gas just hit $6, raising prices?

    This is why I feel like I made the right choice going with an ETM to start out. I have a job next week that would cost me an extra $100 just in gas running my machine. I was looking to move up bigger in the near future but depending on gas prices I'm not so sure anymore.
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    TMF Road Tour-Driving Clean Across America!

    Hey Rob, do you ever plan to come up a bit north towards the MA/CT area?
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    Orbot Sprayborg on linoleum/epoxy restroom floor

    I would definitely avoid a black pad for sure. If they don't want it stripped, avoid a stripping pad. You'll most likely take off a lot more wax than you want to. Saying that part from experience. Your process sounds good but maybe start with a red pad, and work up to green if that doesn't cut it.
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    Water weight

    I had a 3500 with the hydracradle reel tank plus another 100 gallon wheel well tank. Honestly one of my favorite setups because I pretty much never ran out of water. And if I did it was time to go home for the day.
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    Water weight

    If the van handles fine with a full waste tank you won't really be "adding" any weight as long as you don't fill while the waste tank is full. I would also suggest a 50 or 75 gallon water tank instead of the 100. If you've done this well with no tank, adding a smaller than average one should...
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    Butler solution hose reel

    If you spray it again with the collar pulled back try twisting the hose? Sometimes that will break the little bearings free. Personally on butler reels I always slathered the ends deep in the reel in marine grease to be safe because they get annoying after a while.