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    Wishing all of you the very best!

    Thank you Ed for all the hard work and dedication. I'm still new working for myself on the side but your machine has made every job I do for myself, big or small, go off without a hitch. It was a pleasure talking to you directly when I first called to order it. And no matter where I end up it...
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    What is this Dehu and air mover worth?

    Well a gale force you can get new for 320 at Jon Don so roughly 150-225? And a Phoenix 250 which looks like a newer model LGR of that one is 3000 new so probably 1200-1800 depending who you go to. It's rare to see used ones around because most places I know keep them and rent them out until they...
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    What is this Dehu and air mover worth?

    Just a rough guess if they work you could probably get 1200-1800 for them. Especially with everything being backordered right now the demand is there for used ones.
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    Expanding into the Tile & Grout Cleaning business

    A portable could be a good way to start. Not sure about specifically Rotovac though. They seem to me to be a bit too high priced for what you get. You'll definitely want to move up to a truckmount eventually but even with my 500 psi portable I can do about 150 square feet of rinsing on a 12...
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    Steamway 2100

    How long of a hose are you running? My steamway has decent pressure drop after around 100 feet. Usually keep it around 700psi at the machine and use a 150' for around 500 at the wand
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    Featured Shortages across the US

    Considering a new TM and van and I'm dreading the wait times. Local lots are at MOST 50% capacity. My dad's work can't even meet orders because they use steel faster than they can get it, both from the US and Canada.
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    Who Are Your Favorite Chemical/Tool Suppliers?

    Jon Don and sometimes new england steamway.
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    In Line Filter

    I've had good luck with my sapphire filter. Would probably go with robs given a choice but points are points. Go for the filter or one of the sapphire upholstery tools.
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    Is this a decent extractor?

    Not a huge fan of nacecare products. Always seem a little over-engineered when I open them up. Never used one of their extractors but have a few backpack vacuums, a wet vac, and an autoscrubber.
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    Steamaction TM

    Definitely sounds like some pump seals. They can go at any time really. I had mine go out mid-job after working just fine for months. The other issue could possibly be to make sure your clutch is engaging. On my TM the outer pulley always spins but until you flip the switch and engage the clutch...
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    Upholstery cleaning price

    I would probably charge around 250 each. 210 if they were that length with no extra foot rest area.
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    Cleaning wall rugs

    I hate you for putting the idea of spam juice in my head.
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    Light weight portable

    Jaguar cub is around 55 pounds. And I think the air hog/water hog combo from mytee are 50-60 per unit
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    Call me crazy but...

    Those were my reasons for buying a jaguar cub. I want to get bigger equipment but the little porty will always have a place in the no elevator and minimal electrical buildings for me.
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    Auto Scrubbers

    In my experience smaller scrubbers lack sufficient downforce to make them effective for anything besides light daily cleaning and even then it can be a big maybe.