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    Cleaning old wands

    Hey Guys Wondering if anybody had some insight on cleaning up equipment. I got my hands on a few carpet wands and a rotovac powerwand for cheap and while they work well enough they are very dirty with a dingy, white residue. I'm sure it must be some kind of soap scum/chemical residue but I just...
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    Simple Green as Pre-Spray?

    Im using a butler truckmount system. Its a 2016 and came from the factory brand new. its got about 50000 miles on it and im responsible for every one. see the thing is that the company I work for is great and really spares no expense we just are caught in some bad habits I think. Or maybe I not...
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    Simple Green as Pre-Spray?

    Hahaha, look up at my shop ive basically been just doing what is told but im trying to do my job better. If there are reasons to not use i need to know what they are. I need to have a plan if i hope to change things. Weve been using it for a while now and it seems like it works alright but i...
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    Simple Green as Pre-Spray?

    Has anybody used Simple Green as pre-spray? At work we get a 55 gallon drum of the lemon scented Simple Green and that's what we are told to use. I use a hydroforce and I discovered almost immediately that it is too foamy when used undiluted so I usually mix it half and half.