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  • Hi David, I joined this forum just recently. I came across your post on this other thread about SEO and noticed your post about Google reviews being important. I wanted to brainstorm something related that with you. Is there someway I can write to you about this?
    I wanted to send you a private message regarding "Will, and his situation with this (911 RESTORATION) if your interested in knowing the details or the truth about what happen to your friend." I'll brief you, I've seen you guys discuss this for almost a year now. He seems like a good guy, i know someone very close to me that works at the HQ at 911.
    Hi David,
    Emailed some content, pic and logo. Word format is that ok? I'll email you more on services. Let me know if you received them. Whatever I need to do I'll do. Thanks for your patience.

    Everything about them seemed extremely legit and professional. They were not having me pay anything upfront - not anything like what Gregg was saying they did for him. I am wondering who to believe... Gregg's story or Madwire? I'm gonna do some more digging on them, that's for sure. Just wondering if you have heard anything more and/or know much more about this OxyDry guy.
    David, I'm wondering if you ever heard anything more regarding this post:
    Madwire Media Reviews - WARNING Madwire Media Scam
    I've noticed that Gregg from OxyDry has not been around for awhile... I had talked with Madwire this week about having them set up my website and manage my online presence...Then tonight I decided to search for them on this forum to see if anyone else was using them.
    David, you offer got my attention. I would have to have it shipped to Redding ca. And idea on the cost of that?
    My uncle lives somewhere around Lakeland, he just called me telling me he needs carpet cleaning. Is that too far for you? or do you know a great cleaner in that area?

    hey..I noticed that you are one of the few on here besides myself that dyes carpets. I'm wondering where you get your products from, ie dye, bleach neut., ph adjusters, surfactants etc..thanks
    I think I remember seeing you say in a post that you do janitorial stuff. I've had several commercial leads turn me down because they only take bids on carpet/janitorial combos. How does this work out for you?
    hi dmreed,thanks for the 6 high pr listings,one of my competitors here in Ireland has the harvard site.Im really trying to get my head around this stuff,if you can spare the time i d be greatful if i could pick your brain.
    ive looked at the harvard site,do i need to subsciribe to them,if i do what do i need to do next to get all the juice i can.Do i get a backlink when i first sign up ,then what.THANKS, brendan
    I actuallty been thinking about flyering apts. like you said ..Did you use a full sheet flyer or have a custom one made ?..I make a nice flyer with pictures , it's a full sheet. but i don't know if this will work ..Can i get in trouble doing this ? I would probaly do it after hours..I ask because i once delivered phone books and the apartment complex got pissed and called me to come get them all back..I TOLD THEM TO GO TO HE--NJo way i was walking all those stairs to pick back up those books..Maybe cc flyers would be different because i would be bettering there apts..
    I got 2 1500 sq ft commercial jobs today off merchant circle ..I been off all week and canvasing commercial sectors..With no luck i get a phone call from my merchant circle account..Thanks for all your help sir..
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