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    ASTM Shower Cleaning-Acid or Alkaline 1st?

    “ASTM” here could stand for an international organization that sets standards for testing materials. It’s commonly used in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) world.
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    Truckmount Knowledge Assessment

    Looking for some input on this quick "Truckmount Knowledge Assessment" I put together for my techs. It's easy to train a guy on how to start and shutdown the truck mount, and explain how to troubleshoot and diagnose common problems, but to then internally "certify" them (and maybe even give a...
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    Paint on couch cushion

    I've since found out the paint is latex (water based).
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    Paint on couch cushion

    I got a call from one of our painters earlier today saying that his painters plastic fell of a couch and some small spots of paint fell on the piece. He tried to get it off with water and rubbing, but then realized that he could soon cause damage so he stopped and called me for advice. He...
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    Spilled milk

    My kiddo tipped over a sippy cup and it probably sat for a full day in their toy room a few months ago. My wife didn't notice it until the next day and then she forgot to tell me until the smell was something real narly a few days later. She thought she picked enough of it up by standing on a...
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    Attic Mold

    I was just reading through the "EACO Mould Abatement Guidelines" and they made a good point that I had not thought of. Pg 16 "The compressed air used to deliver the blasting media will reduce the negative pressure in the containment. Even smaller blasting equipment delivers 2000 cfm or more into...
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    Tile and grout cleaning

    I would think a 4x15 painters drop cloth (runner) would work in most situations. Quick lay down and pick up, reusable, and could be used to protect any surface on any job you have.
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    Citation for dumping water

    I just searched "EPA Carpet Cleaning Waste" and cane up with a bunch of stuff. Been searching for this for a while too and this post helped me find it!
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    Attic Mold

    Even if I were to fog with Clo2, I would still have the issue of reaching the tight spots to remove the mold stains. I appreciate the ideas!
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    Attic Mold

    Does Clo2 have registered kill claims with the EPA?
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    Attic Mold

    We'll be finishing this job up tomorrow in those hard to reach spots, but I'll definitely keep that in mind for the next job. Thank you! My normal procedure is the HEPA sandwich approach, but this job has two large attic fans on each side of the attic that place the entire area under extreme...
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    Attic Mold

    Home owner has allergies so killing alone would not be enough (but sealing may help), and there's some major staining so I'll have to hit all surfaces with MMR manually still anyway.
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    Attic Mold

    Thanks for the reminder! I do have a few of those. We tried one today with a rag attached but it kept snagging and getting caught on the nails that were in the roof.
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    Attic Mold

    Looking for some experienced advice on any tools that can help efficiently clean mold from an attic near where the rafters meet the joists (Talking about that really tight area where they near intersect) I've been just laying on a plywood board and wiping it away, but if anyone knows of any...