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  • Hey DirtMaster, I was just admiring the pics you posted of the foreclosure that you cleaned. Man, that was disgusting but it turned out beautiful. Had a few questions to ask you about your process and overall operation, please PM me when you get the chance. Thank you.
    Hey DirtMAster.. I noticed you have done living social. I wanted to touch bases with you and see how the full process went. Did you see alot of profits from doing it?
    hey i am taking a week vaca at end of may i havent booked for the week if you want i can book a few days if you want and you takeall the proceeds usaully ab $500 a day
    thanks for the info i have decided to swap out my 2stages for threes i think that will be suffient and cost affective because the tanks and all are all still good
    i currently do just c.raigs one coupon book and pass out flyers i do ok but want to expand get another van running i will contact the local newspaper thank i am asking you because you are not to far away from me i am in citrus county and only work within the county i worked for horizon and steamin deamin yeats ago and would cover an area from ocala to lutz on a 25 to 35 percent comm i smartened up on that years back but have not been able to break 80k in sales a year
    We have the brushes for the SX-12 and the Turbo spinner tools. I am not sure if those brushes fit any other tools.
    Just bought a prochem legend se ..not the best machine.. but definitely a upgrade from my portable...can anybody tell me if it was worth 2500
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