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DIEPANZER GROUP is a company established by German partners and industry experts engaged in commercial activities on machinery and chemical production all over the world.

DIEPANZER GROUP carries out production activities in the cleaning machines and chemical industry with the principle of “producing the highest quality product at the best price”, which is felt in the market.

Our company was established in Istanbul in 2015 and started its activities. The machine group is produced in factories located in Istanbul and Bursa cities in Turkey. The chemical group continues its production activities in the factory in Bursa city.

Some cleaning machines produced under our brand were designed by German engineers. It is produced and sold with the best performance, the highest technology, at the lowest consumption costs without causing any problems for many years. Due to our work in the carpet cleaning industry’s leading position in Turkey, we continue with our partners in Turkey.

Our priority in the facilities where our products are produced is a high discipline and job security. We believe that our employees and partners are like a family moreover each of our employees knows the best job with an idea principle.

For the permanence and prestige in the industry, we believe that the manufacturers should stand behind their products under all conditions. The test and quality control units of our company subject the machines to a series of robustness and quality control tests for a long time after the production phase of the products is over. However, the machines that pass the test become ready for sale.

One of the most important features that distinguish our company from competitors in this industry is our relations with our dealers and end-user customers. Our customer support units provide continuous service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give importance and priority to our customers in the movement of “get them earn first” with an understanding that solves the problems and fulfills the demands in the fastest and easiest way.

As DIEPANZER, we are aware of the fact that we have some responsibilities in our world where technology is constantly evolving on the other hand the population is constantly growing and resources shortage are experienced. We manufacture our machines with the most advanced technology and automation to minimize energy, water and material consumption.

In addition, our company supports projects such as “paperless office” by acting on the principle of “less carbon emission”. Instead of the energy waste created by physical offices throughout the day, we apply ” public transportation use ” at least 30% in city travels with the “go to the office only when needed” business concept. If we want a world where peace is widespread and there will be no chaos, we must provide a better world for next generations by treating nature with respect.

High quality standards and just in time delivery of our machines without compromising our discipline with the latest technology is our main goal. We guarantee that we will provide the most suitable solutions for all kinds of support and demands, including the delivery time of the products, and we will fulfill the same importance after the sale, by negotiating with our customers.

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