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    I need help please guys.

    Todd, you posted your response while I was typing, that's pretty amazing.
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    I need help please guys.

    Well, I'll take a shot. I do see what appear to be a few dents, scratches, and a little rust in the pics, but it is pretty clean for a 97. Blue book value for a 97 E350 in excellent shape is around $3200, with private party sale around $2600. That and the truckmount is a 33 blower based unit...
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    I need help please guys.

    If you read through the manual, it mentions that several items (including the exhaust diverter) are optional, and may not be installed on your system.
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    I need help please guys.

    These blowers are not always used for vacuum service, sometimes they are actually used as blowers, for instance supplying air to a fluidized bed, pond aeration, to supply breathing air into a mine, etc. For us pressure rating is meaningless. Both ratings really refer to pressure drop across...
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    I need help please guys.

    Roots uses the second digit to indicate the rotor length (32, 33, 36) while Sutorbilt uses a letter (3H, 3M, 3L) which corresponds to high, medium, and low pressure. The H blowers are the shortest rotors, and they are rated for the highest pressure (and vacuum), and the lowest cfm, while the L...
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    I need help please guys.

    Shane, according to Prochem's part number for the blower, it's a Sutorbilt 3MP, basically equal to a Roots 33 URAI.
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    HELP!!!! can this situation be undone

    Every once in a while I read to the bottom of the posts and reply, not realizing there is a page two. I had an answer, but it's already been covered (more than once, I think).
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    Little Giant Heater

    Interesting - this thread was from 2009, and the guy who asked the original question hasn't posted in over a year. Anyway, leaving the pilot burning is not a very failsafe way to protect your investment, I certainly have had my pilot light go out on occasion. Also, having an unattended open...
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    How many of you use rotaries to HWE?

    Like Joel, I sometimes use my OP machine (CCS) with tuways to prescrub, and sometimes my Procaps CRB (thats rotary too, just in a different direction). I also sometimes post pad with glads (very rarely though).
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    Head light restoration

    I've done a few cars. I use the same machine that I use for buffing the car, a Porter Cable 7424XP with a foam pad. Like someone already said, unless the damage is very light you will have to start out with hand wet-sanding (I use 1000 grit then 1500), and then machine buff with a good compound...
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    and I thought cleaning carpet was a rush...

    Tron, your link didn't work for me. This one?
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    Tricked out Mytee unit from "Down Under"...

    I would install a couple recessed tie-downs and cut a hole in the bedliner big enough for the ring, personally...
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    light tan stain in toilet

    I took some deposits out of a kitchen sink once that nothing, and I mean nothing, would touch. I used Bridgepoint's T-Rust. I let it soak for 5, then gave it a light scrub with a scotch-brite pad (wear gloves!). Amazing! It contains ammonium hydrogen fluoride, a cousin to hydrofluoric acid...