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    Rotowash before and after

    Isn't powr-flite's multiwash the same thing for half the price?
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    2 worst consultations and bids I have ever done....

    When you have a high cancellation rate based predominantly on price, it means whoever booked the clean didn't establish VALUE. Explain your process, your equipment, your products, your history, reviews... Whatever gives you a competitive advantage. Start to build the relationship before you...
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    2 worst consultations and bids I have ever done....

    We have those bottom feeders in every market. That does not mean that is market price. Market price needs to be for a comparable item or service. Consider a sign on your van... "WE FIX $99 CARPET CLEANS"
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    2 worst consultations and bids I have ever done....

    He is exactly right. Red flags early are a nightmare later. Let them go.
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    2 worst consultations and bids I have ever done....

    Some of my best jobs are the ones I walk away from. This should never be your target customer. He clearly has no clue what market price is for a legitimate clean and has no history of maintaining his floors. You would kill yourself to fix his neglect for little to no profit for what? To get...
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    175: What to look for?

    Consider an Oreck Orbiter. It's basically a 13" orbital buffer that you can get cotton bonnets, Tile brushes, carpet brushes and more. I can carry it with one hand and it's very versatile. At $288 shipped, it's worth every penny. It's on Amazon. Not sure if it will. Allow me to post the...
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    Rv furnace

    Care to share? Why mention this without elaborating.
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    Interlink's urine flush claw

    Any pics? How is it working for you?
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    Interlink's urine flush claw

    The silicone edge idea may not work for bigger truckmount. We can barely lift a waterclaw with a Sapphire 570 or Hydramaster Cds because it locks down on wet carpet. This would be most effective with perimeter water injection and a vacuum relief so that initial flushing could be more...
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    Need advice on portable purchase

    You should consider the Jaguar 8.4. Talk to Taf at Magic Wand. At 3500 shipped you get twin 8.4 vacs and 800psi pump. Plenty for tile with prescrub and groutmaster.
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    2015 Ford Transit Cargo Van

    Glad you have had good luck with your Transit. Ours has been nothing but problems.
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    Beware of Ford Transit - major issues

    Thank god it's not our only van, but it will be our last Ford.
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    2015 Ford Transit high roof extended van set up

    My recommended setup based on my experience with it would be 1 stick of dynamite placed directly in the center.
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    Beware of Ford Transit - major issues

    My Addendum Additionally, the Engineer's solution of finding someone to install a "kill switch" on the BCM would most certainly void the remaining warranty, which I'm sure he would like, but is not happening. So the problem remains completely unresolved and I basically told him what the...
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    2015 Ford Transit 250 cargo van

    See my horror story here