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    Social Media Trends for Air Duct Cleaning Service in 2018

    I agree that instagram could be a helpful resource, but it's just a small amount of users that are really there. I would test them alongside my FB ads and track the ROI. 5 years out is like 50 years in Internet time FWIW I do need to check more into WhatsApp, thank you for the recommendation...
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    GoDaddy wants to make me a website.

    I've used them in the past, and have had less than stellar service/results. I mean they have all kinds of add ons that will have you printing money for just $9.99 :) Rank #1 on Google for just $5.99/mo with there promo package. JK, but you get where I'm going. It's difficult for the average...
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    I think I am ready

    Tbh, not all customers make good candidates, but I've found that overdelivering (sometimes xtra) pays off dividends. Even if you can't get the photo or review you probably just scored a referral or long term customer :) Bonus points if your photos are EXTREME results!!
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    I think I am ready

    Congrats, this is a very exciting time for you :) I'd recommend a soft launch before you officially retire from working for the man. You can start the website, social accounts, photos, reviews, etc to lay the foundation. It all takes so much time, but is so worth :unsure: We tend to forget...
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    Social Media Trends for Air Duct Cleaning Service in 2018

    Although Air Duct Cleaning isn’t something we offer, I would think Facebook/Linkedin/Reddit would be the most beneficial platforms to utilize. I would think the average sale is typically higher so the business may be able to afford a little more to acquire that customer. But, you wouldn’t want...
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    Restaurant carpet, gotta go over it twice. Microfiber first or pro cottons first?

    That's a nice project photo :) Good work, that's quite a difference!!
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    How did you find TMF?

    We found it out in our hunt to expand our business. Every time we would search, TMF was there with some incredible knowledge/advice that is difficult to find in the real world. Maybe you could do one of those "AMA threads" (ask me anything) :) Lurking in Detroit, MI
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    smoke/fire damage cleaning

    Great tips in this thread!! Thank you for sharing your insights :)
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    Does anybody use tablets for invoicing on a residential carpet cleaning job?

    You can manually send invoices from within the credit card apps such as square or paypal. There would be no additional cost for this. Another option would be to look into upgrading your website to allow for this feature and possibly get even more benefits. Low monthly cost You can also hire...
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    Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread

    Learning a lot from this thread. Appreciate everyone sharing :)