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  • I highly recommend the Mytee LTD5. You should be able to use it in houses without bringing it up any stairs. It has auto pump out/ fill.
    I have been using the ninja worrier 400 on 100psi with 25' solution and vac hose for the past 4 years. Had no problems with it but really tired of lifting up and down stairs. is there any portable out there that can take 50'' to 75'' solution and vac hose without loosing psi or suction power? i was asked by a member to contact you. can you please help me upgrade. thank you.


    Hope things are going very well for you and the business. It was great seeing you comment recently. I wondered what the devil you were up to, so now we feel more comfortable that you are alive and doing well!

    Thanks again;
    Ed V
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    Thanks, Ed. Best of luck to you as well and I am glad to see that you are still building your hand made, quality machines.
    The black rotary thing on the top of my t-rex is leaking really bad. Know of one that i might be able to find locally or should I just order a new one and wait a week?
    I need your advice on a airhog that I want to add to my goliath. please feel free to call me at 239-348-2992 if you get a chance. nobody will know better than you. thank you vito
    I have an opportunity to pick up a cmx20 with 5 jets used for $350. Is that the lower rpm machine? Since its unmodified, how would you suggest modding if I wanted to use it with both a hydroforce olympus 500 w/heat and truckmount? Never used rotary outside of 175 machines
    Deron, You mentioned a sink quick connect for hooking up to a sink. Are you talking about using an adapter or is this something that is different. I am a bit nervous about removing airrators that may be rusted on or that have stripped threads.
    You gonna keep ignoring me or do you want to make some real plans to do this challenge? One week left.
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