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    Talk about the crazy cost of the medical industry.

    I went to the same hospital last year with vertigo I was there for about an hour and they send me a bill for $7000. My portion of it was only 500 but it goes to show how ridiculous that is. By the way I live in Valrico
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    Masters Touch

    Don't have much of an opinion as I'm not very informed but I do have an observation. There is always a lot of TMT equipment in craigslist barely used and overpriced. Most successful people have started small and grew into their business. Hope that may shed some light.
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    Thick Grease Build Up in Grout Lines

    What brush do you recommend for tile?
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    New cleaner

    Is that the only prespray you carry?
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    How do you price commercial jobs?

    There are different schools on how you charge, could be square foot or time to complete, but it really depends on what carpet or surface it is and what process you would use. You would have to be a bit more specific to get a most useful answer.
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    Success Leaves Clues. Clue #1

    Wow, need someone like you in my circle. Fantastic work.
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    What do you charge

    This is a very common problem in sales, specifically in the service industry. Good technicians do not equate to good salespeople these are two different aspects of business. As a technician you think in the blue collar spectrum, this is how much I'd pay for it so this is what it's worth. As a...
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    What do you use your Oreck Orbiter for?

    I use mine (used since it has taken a crap on me and sounds like a bad motor now) to do demos and clean small areas or spills. Was planning to use it with my Host T6 but need to get it repaired or get a new one.
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    Rug cleaning scam evolved?

    Right they most likely already have this, now they need to know who the merchant is. Kind of like a bank account, routing and account number
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    Rug cleaning scam evolved?

    They probably have your merchant number from somewhere and now they need to know who the actual merchant is to get the credit out of your account.
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    What do you use your Oreck Orbiter for?

    Are you using different brushes or just the standard ones?
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    New Color My New Apex

    I work for a Ford dealer and those transits are super popular. We have great luck with them in our fleet of delivery trucks. Only negative I can say so far is rear brakes don't last too long with any kind of load, of course driver is a huge factor. And we just had one totaled from a rear hit...
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    How would you attack this?

    Growing up our house in Puerto Rico had terrazzo everywhere even the garage. We would clean the garage with a water hose a deck brush and dish soap. After we cleaned it and squeegied the dirty water we would wet it again and add more dish soap and it was a 20' x 50' wide slip and slide. That...