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    Selling 45-Year-Old Company in Orange County California

    Do you have P&L statements for your business? What is the annual gross income. What is your net profit, after expenses?
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    Gas just hit $6, raising prices?

    I am raising rates to new customers because of inflation, not gas. If I pay $1 more per gallon in gas during 2022, it's only a .39% increase in expenses over last year. I drive a compact van to transport VLM equipment - not a truck mount. Half of my jobs are within 8 miles of home.
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    New to carpet cleaning but not new to small business

    Welcome to the carpet cleaning band of brothers! Your plan will certainly work, especially given your business training and experience. However, you'll be providing a sub-optimum service compared to your many competitors. Do better than the rest. I recommend a niche that is wide open in most...
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    I knew someday it may come down to this. How are you going to handle it?

    Stark raving lunacy. You speak of facts, but you don't cite any. I know and have talked to hundreds of people who were vaccinated. How many died? ZERO. Check your facts.
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    I knew someday it may come down to this. How are you going to handle it?

    I would get the vaccine. (I did) It keeps me safer, keeps them safer, plus I don't like getting sick and feeling terrible. I'm not just hearing about COVID on TV. One of my family members got COVID before vaccines were available. It was brutal and caused loss of taste and brain fog months...
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    How to get more clicks to your website

    I found out how to get more social media engagement! Post a nasty picture like this one. I got more clicks on Facebook and my email newsletter too. More clicks to my website. Ugly sells!
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    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    Have you and your workers been vaccinated? Don't care so much about reasons or politics. Please take the survey:
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    Vaccinated? Absolutely. If we don't believe in science, why are we mixing chemicals and pouring them into people's homes? Get vaccinated folks. And stop watching Tucker and Hannity. They're entertainers, not communicators.
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    portable for upholstery

    I bought a Sandia Heated Indy Upholstery & Carpet Extractor with Single 3 Stage Motor - 6 Gallon and love it. It's about $1600 and paid for itself in weeks. It uses 15 amps with the heater and can trip the circuit breaker. There's only one plug. But, you can turn off the heater when working...
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    Adding an OP

    Do carpet manufacturers really test every system? Are they going to recommend a system that is not available in most regions? I don't know. HWE carpet cleaning is available in every region. My guess is that is the main reason carpet manufacturers recommend it. I've had very few potential...
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    List your most effective advertising

    I would definitely start with your website and make sure you can be found when your best potential customers are searching. That's SEO. Make sure the website looks good on a smart phone as well as a desktop computer. You have a nice website. But you came up on page 2 when I searched on "rug...
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    List your most effective advertising

    Agree. The best customers are the customers you already have. They're already believers. The next best are their relatives, friends and neighbors. The worst customer is the one who chose you because you offered a cheapo coupon. The next time they need carpet cleaning they will choose another...
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    Please help! Brand New 30% Viscose Rug Completely Ruined after Cleaning

    We use two VLM - very low moisture - methods. The Teri-towel system - a low moisture system developed by a man in the Bay Area a few decades ago. spray a room, allow some dwell time and then extract with thick towels and an 60 pound oscillating machine. Carpet is dry in 2 hours. We also use the...
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    Have you ever bought or sold a cleaning business?

    A mentor of mine said the best way to sell a business like mine would be to hire a motivated person who wants to work his way up to being the owner, similar to a house - rent with option to buy. Part of his/her compensation would be an increasing stake in the business. I haven't pursued it, but...