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    The collective thanks from 20,000 customers is finally here

    Pretty dang nifty. Well done & congrats. May you enjoy the process as well as your ride. Once again congrats.
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    How's your 2nd Quarter going?

    Brutal. In the past couple of weeks I've had more cancellations than jobs. If it's one here, one there I don't really mind for the most part. When they're bunched up like this, it gets to be annoying.
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    15000-17000$ For new truck mount .What would you buy?

    I agree w/ this. I'm not sure what the Techno Viking runs, I think the Savage is a touch north of $10,000 though. I have no experience w/ a Diablo. I've run a Savage though & IMO it compares favorably to a Butler. That's not a knock on Butler. I just felt the Savage was better.
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    OK to charge extra for weekends?

    I voted yes, but would just charge normal rates myself for weekend work. If you want to charge more on Tuesdays that's ok too. As long as the customer knows upfront & it's not a suprise to em anything ya wanna charge is up to you. Having said that, my prices stay the same all 7 days.
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    home carpet cleaner ..... how to respond

    If they called you & it's not a contact originated by you, there's a reason they're calling ya. Somehow the machine didn't work out as they had hoped. That doesn't mean ya can put it in their face when they call. But ya kinda have to be understanding & say something along the lines of how...
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    What % of your jobs are paid via Credit Card?

    I'm asking because I found out it's relatively easy to accept credit cards now. In my case I have a $40/month phone plan already. I'd need to upgrade to a $50/month phone plan for web access & buy a $150 android phone. The cost of accepting the credit cards is 2.75% if I swipe it or 15...
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    Do you work Saturdays?

    Yuppers- And Sundays too. Just had a job today. 7 days until college football season, then 6 days once the Michigan games get started. Ironically it seems people don't want the carpet guy there on weekends. At least for me. I can't tell ya how many times someone had a tight schedule, I'd...
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    do you call customer next day

    Could you elaborate on the direct links thing? Are you also emailing them in addition to calling them? At what stage do ya get their email addy? And could ya send those links to me too please? It sounds like you have it together about getting reviews?
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    Getting Feedback?

    There was a thread on this not to long ago. I've done the same thing in asking something right after it was asked a day or so earlier. Rob Allen had a pretty good idea. Put a reward (like free protector) on your site. Look at his site to see what I mean. I agree w/ ya in I feel cheesy...
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    Docking a techs commission for bad checks-Fair or not fair?

    wow guy- not fair at all. He/she has done their end of the bargain. That's why you run the business & not them. The bad check is between you & the customer. It's got nothing to do w/ the tech unless you have specifically told them to not accept a check from a particular customer. Other than...
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    Hello TMF from Salinas, CA

    Re: HELLO TMF FROM SALINAS,CA NEED ADVICE FROM PRO'S-GOT A MIN Hi, Welcome to the boards here. You'll want to make sure you have a solid website & that someone answers your phones. Ya have pretty much what you'll need in terms of equipment for now. If ya get some $$ saved up, invest...
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    The worlds most powerfull vacuum!

    I've read nothing but good things on these machines. My concern though would be the brush. The brushes on the Dysons tear apart some carpets. If I'm not mistaken these have similar hard brushes. I've seen videos where these things picked up baking soda on a carpet even w/ rug over top of...
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    Newbie First Job Blues

    I'd do the job. Do it knowing you're probably not going to get the odor out though. You'll improve things quite a bit. Make sure the customer understands the limitations though. You'll want to get paid no matter what. If they're not going to replace the carpet, have em get an ozone...
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    Insane gas prices. Will they change the way we work?

    I'd already thought of brutal petro prices awhile back. If I ever get a TM it would be an electric one. Bob Savage makes a great one. More than likely though I'll stay OP & occasionally run the porty. In terms of travel, I'm trying to figure that out. I was thinking I need to cover 25...
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    Is there a way to save a thread?

    Thanx for the help. I didn't know you could save a thread. I have the site saved, but didn't realize you could save threads w/in the site. It took me a few tries to figure it out. At first I had 4 "Is there a way to save a thread" thingees up on the task bar. I got it figured out though...