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    thanks man im doing my part on behalf of my family, my business can wait but my goals cant i really want to go after my dreams thanks for your advice i would really appreciate it if you could re share or re tweet my story
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    please re share and re tweet i would be very thankful
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    i hope everybody is reaching there daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals the year is almost over and i hope everybody is satisfied with themselves.i was wondering if any body on tmf can help me share this on facebook or re tweet so i can reach my goal it would be very very...
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    What do you say that makes the customer feel like there getting more value
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    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware

    i heard alot of BAD things and reviews of AMTEX TRUCKMOUNTS buyer beware
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    okay thanks what incentives have worked for you
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    Whats up fellow TMF'ers its been a while since i posted reason being i got knocked the fudge out like ronda rousey on my journey to success but just like that sexy mma fighter i want to come back swinging.i lost my van then forced to sell my materials and forced to find a 9 to 5 and lost my nice...
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    Mexico turns up 129 bodies

    yup all that is true mexico aint the safest place to go to even though im mexican i dont wana go visit anytime soon
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    Mexico turns up 129 bodies

    im done with closed minded people go on your racial rant
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    Mexico turns up 129 bodies

    WELL great job and high five on comparing races and nationalitys and who does this and and who does that
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    Mexico turns up 129 bodies

    well we know whos voting for trump IM from mexico as well as my family and to be honest cartels do run the show in mexico because of the corruption but about wiping out mexico wow there buddy your comparing us to islamic terrorist ... ive never seen a report about mexicans blowing up towers...
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    the right way to use valpak

    any advice on the right way to use valpak to get new customers.??????? What type of discounts have worked the best????????? i would like to use valpak for new customers and try to retain them and push the refferal system as well since its my first year i feel it could get the ball rolling...
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    Whats your routine look like???

    So it seems like the old school way is the best way
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    VCT guys help

    i only do 4 coats