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    Proper PSI for carpets, uph, tile, HF, TM & CET tools

    Excellent video Rob, everything you said reaffirms basically what I been doing for 12 plus years, it’s good to know a professional like yourself reaffirming my methods of cleaning, my sweet spot for carpet cleaning is about 4/450 psi, I noticed if I drop the psi lower that 350psi , cleaning...
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    Does wand size matter?

    you air dry then? You still need tp to dry don’t you? No need for bidet, tp first then baby wipes, huggies, some other brands start to disintegrate. They are useful for so much other stuff, I always have some in my van ,
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    Pro’s & Cons starting carpet cleaning business

    As your bread and butter source of income full time job, starting any business is not that easy, other comparable line of business are probably plumbers , appliance repair and electricians, IMO carpet cleaning is the most expensive because of the equipment. I’m not gonna talk down portables...
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    Dirty, Oily chemical shelves

    I try to keep it to a minimum on the chemicals I stick in the shelf, plus it reduces weight
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    Dirty, Oily chemical shelves

    They all leak, but I’ve noticed the acid base chemicals leak the most, even when they brand new and have never been open , they have a small hole on the foil/paper seal, and sometimes on the plastic lid as well, I’m assuming so the gallon doesn’t explode on us with all the frequent temperature...
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    What’s your answer to “I found someone cheaper”?

    I never go below my per room bare minimum, I do offer a 10% discount having said that, I always ask if the cheaper company will be performing the service with a portable, and if they did an in person quote. I ask if I can have the name of the competitor, sometimes they tell me sometimes they...
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    Big franchise only allows 7 mins room to clean

    7 minutes after setup and vacuum and pre spray and agitation? Or all steps including cleaning in 7 minutes?
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    what melts carpet?

    Very true, One time I cleaned a carpet with actual bleach spilled, fibers were still there but obvious bleach spot about 5 inch in diameter, one quick little pass and i could not believe it , I was staring at the backing of the carpet, luckily for the homeowner it was in the restroom...
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    what melts carpet?

    True, I’ve use some blue acid bowl cleaner that burned some holes on my cars floor mat, but it leaked for days , I’m trying to picture how a leaky wand valve will do that kind of damage if you work your way back, the technician would had to gone over the drip drip at least on the cleaning...
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    what melts carpet?

    The only thing I can think of is the heat from the solution hose, but your pictures don’t look heat from the hose, I know is possible because one time I ruined a clients synthetic sod walk way. I had to pull with force my hose off the sod
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    Do YOU pre-vacuum or not? (New video)

    My light weight oreck, don’t leave home without it, always vacuum
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    Elections have business consequences

    Yeah. My float stays stuck in the up position sometimes,
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    Elections have business consequences

    Man that suxs, I had my everest since 07 and still running great, only the computer went out in 2012 And I had to replace HXS. , but other than that no major repairs, knock on wood
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    Elections have business consequences

    I’m not putting anyone on the spot by name, you know what I mean? Except the guy that typed a racist comment. I’m just trying to make my point, that Rob singled me out for whatever reason and restricted my reply, he said is because I’m trolling, I haven’t said anything different than...
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    Elections have business consequences

    No dude, I haven’t had that issue yet, but I would be interested to know, Isn’t that truck mount unit used to be prochem?