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    Prochem Blazer XL, water not hot enough.

    I used to have a Prochem Blazer. Always had very hot water. If I remember correctly it had a tempature adjustment knob . I wonder if that could be giving you problems?
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    Not enough heat at high psi

    I meant 22000 degrees lol. I never understood why some cleaners desire super heated temperatures like 230 . With quality chemicals I found that 180 -200 worked great and in fact most of the time it doesn’t need to be that high. But I haven’t a lot of experience with those super high temperatures.
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    Not enough heat at high psi

    Just purchase a Little Giant 2HT propane heater and hook it up inline. You will have all the 2200 degree water you will ever need! I set up a lot of CA Jaguar high performance portable ETMs several years ago. The 2HT is their smallest heater but I was easily able to maintain over 180 degree...
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    EZ truck mount engine replacement

    I have an EZ2036 truckmount that had not been started in 2 years(long story). Anyway had to replace battery and regulator unloader. Hooked up water and an upholstery tool and it started it up. Ran poorly for a few minutes before the engine smoothed out. It was an EZ fix!
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    Cross-Americans Worth Restoring?

    Rebuild the Recoil . I would use different vacuum motors. It has a 500 psi Pumptec pump which is rebuildable. Depending on which vacuum motors you put in you can clean with well over 100ft of 2 inch vacuum hose on it . I wouldn’t worry about the 3rd motor. Just need 2 high performance 2 or 3...
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    Thinking of Building a Custom Portable

    I would just go with a used high performance portable. There are a lot of used Mytee and Cross American Jaguars out there for not all that much money. Many start out with these machines and move up to truck outs. Some of these units can clean with up to 150 feet of 2 inch vacuum hose. I am new...