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    Vacation rental cleaning

    Our maid service pricing is more in your range. Pricing probably differ based on city and if the company is employing workers (the legal way) or are using contractors.
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    Vacation rental cleaning

    Sometimes you have to fire the customer! So ture... in this industry you really get what you pay for.
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    List your most effective advertising

    Has any maid services have good results with vehicle wraps? ^This mirrors our results, too. Except Facebook advertising has been dismal failure for procuring new business. We use Facebook more for the social aspect.
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    How much do you charge for office cleaning?

    We focus on residential clenaing however received an invite to bid on an office. So my question is how do you detrmine rates? This would be an 8 man-hour job, Monday through Friday.
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    Official YouTube Channel We have a playlist that does pretty well: Clean Freaks: Cleaning Tips and Household Tricks
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    What is the most thorough and all inclusive business Software?

    We used Service Autopilot for a little less than a year. Many of the things promised by the sales rep never were delivered upon. For example, we needed to calculate pay by percentage. The rept said they were planning to come out with this functionality but they never did. We did create an...
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    How to get cleaning leads from Facebook - the 7 day Facebook challenge

    Hey fellas, thought some of you might find this article on how to get cleaning leads from Facebook useful.
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    Starting cleaning business need some advice what is the best way to pay employees and how to get jobs

    In 2004 when I started my business I paid hourly. It was not long that I discovered percentage of each job was the way to go. After I made the switch things not only were easier, the business boomed. So I am a big proponent of paying percentage. Also, as mentioned in this thread, you should...
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    How did you come up with your business name?

    I chose Dallas Maids because I needed a name that would get me business. And back in 2004, the keywords in the domain name (more so then than now) helped the website rise in the rankings. Since "Dallas" and "Maids" were two keywords I wanted to rank for, was the obvious...
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    Dallas Maids housecleaning

    Thank you! I'm enjoying the forum. Lots of good stuff here!
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    Dallas Maids housecleaning

    Hey fellas, Could I get your opinion about our website? We've had it up for a few months and would love your input! Thanks!
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    Vacation rental cleaning

    We have a couple of AirBnB clients. Things we've found thus far: 1) AirBnB clients want lower price so the cleaning doesn't bite into their margins too much 2) AirBnB clients require more attention and special instructions that regular customers 3) More erratic scheduling - though we are a...
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    List your most effective advertising

    well, momma, thank you for that marketing tip!
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    Dallas Maids, LLC

    Dallas Maids logo by dallasmaids posted Nov 6, 2017 at 10:52 AM Dallas Maids, LLC Don't Stress, We'll Handle Your Mess!
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    Office cleaning bid help

    We don't get much commercial jobs because we specialize in residential home cleaning. however when we do I've found a book I purchased on this as all the info I need. It's called "Cleaning up For a Living" by Aslett Browning. As for commercial cleaning, I've thought about getting into it. Very...