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    Alright guys, I'm unveiling my idea I've been telling you about!!

    I realize this is an OLD thread that I'm rekindling, but I am very interested in offering this type of service this summer and wanted to get your opinion on how the first 2 years went. Success/Failure? Any tips or hints on it? I'm sure others are interested!
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    If you were forced to get rid of your truckmount

    To remark on the opening question...I got my Steamin Demon...serves me well...quick set up, not as maneuverable, but i get by...great results! That and maybe a cimex for large commercial jobs...
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    What is the proper cleaning technique and chems for a mattress?

    I use DFC210 as a pre-spray. I spray the mattress and then use my upholstery tool from the middle to about 2 inches from the end, then go around the edges carefully. I ALWAYS tell the customer ahead of time that my system is a surface cleaning process. I don't guarantee stain removal. I tell...
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    tow vehicle

    yeah i hear what you're saying...and I have had nothing but great luck with it, while I understand others haven't. And I treat my truck like a POS, lol...and she just keeps on going. My parents have an 05 with about 150,000 km on it and they have had good luck too...towed a 27ft trailer around...
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    tow vehicle

    Nope, not on crack! I own an 03 Envoy with almost 300,000 km on it (185,000 miles). I have lived and travelled just about everywhere in Canada with it. I lived in northern Manitoba, 300 km's away from the closest paved road, doing 80mph in 4 wheel drive down gravel/snow/icey roads while...
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    tow vehicle

    if you can find and 02 Trailblazer or Envoy (new style, not older like your jimmy) those are good tow beasts...they can do 3500lbs no problem. not bad on fuel...between 15-20 mpg. the 4.2 straight 6 will go forever. little bit more room inside then you're used to and a smoother ride then the...
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    I need expert truckmount advice.

    Look around on the threads for info on the infamous "Blue Baron"....don't even consider it...from what i understand their maker is a f fraud and a cheat...he makes a good machine...but had F'd over many customers in the process. I have heard nothing but great things about Ben at Amtex...Hell...
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    Amtex is craZy

    my god, I don't even understand some of you haters out here...growing up around marinas and large boats, I know that this design is ingenious! You have 1 large boat, 4 people operating on 4 floors. have 2 smaller boats, park the truck in the middle and go to town on both of them with...
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    steamin demon

    I use a carpet rake in conjunction with the SD...still does a GREAT job...never had a dissatisfied customer...
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    Hotel Smoking Floor Quote

    Thanks again for all your help Ken! Made all the difference! (and it didn't even foam up in the demon as much as I thought it was going to, smooth sailing!)
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    Hotel Smoking Floor Quote

    So I took care of these guys last wednesday, took me about 11 hours using my Steamin Demon, results were amazing! Used Kill Odor at 5:1 with a pump up. I let it dwell in most rooms for 1-2 hours. The GM is a BIG fan now! The only room that still smelled of smoke were 1 with an uncleaned...
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    Steamin Demon vs. Truck mount plus OP

    It's ok if you're afraid guys...I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw this little guys at first looked a little too..."cute" to really do any damage...I was wrong...and thankfully I'm bringing in cash with each job because of my purchase. I have run 150ft with NO problems, I have a...
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    Steamin Demon vs. Truck mount plus OP

    A restaurant in my neighborhood, Enzall and Liquid 90 mixed prespray, groomed, dwelled for 15 minutes, 2 passes... Just did 7000 sq ft of a smoking wing in a local hotel. Used Odor Kill and my Steamin Demon, only 1 room smelled of smoke after and it was because the HVAC was running and not...