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  • Hello Marlan
    By any chance do you use any rotary tool, I want to buy one, but I'm not sure what to choose ROTOVAC 360i with quad tool or Trex. Do you have any experience with those tools. Any comments or advice?
    Thank You
    Hi , Just liked your fb page and commented on that turkey I'm hungry now - can you like us back?

    Crash, you and I are in the same area. I run my business in Chicago and when I recently spoke to Jon don about the 875 from Hydramaster, prochem Everest hp 650, and sapphire 870ss. The were made it sound like Hydramaster was the best of all 3.

    I can give you more info over the phone on my decision. I would not put anything on here for fear it gets back to them.

    Bob 708-932-2003
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