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  • hey did you get the 370ss? And if so how do u like it? I am thinking of getting one very soon. Any problems? Does the heat work well?
    Hi Steve;

    Saw your post where you were now considering the HM 421.

    I am not a fan of Briggs engines (you said you had some working knowledge of engines).

    The Sapphire 370 uses a better Kohler engine (we like Kohler 34 HP engines).

    What type of wand are you getting with your TM?

    How is JT doing at Jon-Don?

    Of course we have a TM also, if you are looking for more HP in an easy to maintain unit:

    http://www3.this company does not support

    Regardless, I still have a welcome-home chemical package waiting for you, if you can come by when you're in Dallas next.

    I used to race as well, been racing IMCA modified's for over 6 years, got expensive, but I do love speed. Never drank or partied, I was always into racing or outdoor things. When i get it up and running good this year, i can take a trip down to houston check out your sailboat and we can take a ride in my jet boat. HA, you can even drive it..I have thought about selling it later this year, I have sooo much going on, plus my wife dont like it, TOO fast for her, she loves our 21ft.
    awesome, i was hoping you wouldnt say 460,lol. i own two street/strip camaros and just sold my dirt mod. if my sail boat gets up to 6 knots, i think im flying.
    I am about 6 hrs away from you around Texarkana Texas..I'm hoping to get it up to about 75mph..right now only around 60, but love doing things to motors, (454).
    hey crane, where you from in texas? close to houston i hope so i can drive the jet boat! lol, i have a sail boat in galveston bay, but thats lame compaired to this beast.
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