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    What's your biggest business weakness?

    My biggest weakness is marketing. We don’t really market besides word of mouth and we don’t have a referral system or anything. We do have a website but it isn’t designed with booking in mind, it is only informational, and we get some calls from the phone book but it is mostly word of mouth.
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    Liquor Store Carpet Cleaning

    I looked at a liquor store carpet to clean this morning and I would appreciate any suggestions. My plan is to use BioPro 10K, spiked with groutmaster, and to heavy scrub with a 175 machine and a nylon brush. Most of the spills have been there awhile and are a variety of different liquors, plus...
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    How important is scent in a prespray? How long would you like it to linger?

    I have been adding Unchained to my prespray on every residential job and several people have said that they like the smell. To me a nice smell is fairly important, it is something I haven’t focused on in the past but with people mentioning it with the Unchained I plan on continuing to try and...
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    Please Help with Paint Stains

    A building in a local state park was vandalized with some paint and my first cleaning attempt was not successful. I used All Solv Extreme and a prespray of Grand Slam boosted with Citrusolve (there is a chance some glue was mixed in with the paint on the carpet). I also scrubbed it with a 17"...
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    Would it be wrong if I charged more than my techs?

    One way that I would think about it is how valuable is the time you spend working on your business instead of in your business? I am going to assume you can get a better ROI working on it then in it, so if someone wants to pull time away from more valuable work they need to make up somewhat for...