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    Little giant heater

    Here’s a steal if your near that area.
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    Used van with system

    I was once told that for every hour on the unit, add 4 miles to the vehicles for where purposes. You have to realize that it’s not just sitting there at idle the vehicles RPM’s are raised as well. It’s a lot of strain on the vehicle. If the unit was maintained meticulously it could be worth...
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    Cimex Model and serial location

    Thanks. Looks like the guy removed it. Looks like I'm going to Dremel me one on
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    Cimex Model and serial location

    Can someone post a picture of the location. Purchased one and can't locate it.
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    More Goodies, lol!

    972 Greenwood Trl W Dr Greenwood In 46142
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    Sell Rotovac for CRB? Also ? about mytee airhog plus

    Advantage blue is a light/medium soil prespray. A relatively low PH that I would use for newer carpet that is still under warranty. The advantage red is awesome. You definitely need to run a rinse with red as it is nearly 13ph. As everyone has mentioned play with the chems. A CRB is a great tool...
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    Steal of the day!!

    $120.00 host. Picked it up today. Old and dirty. Cleaned up well and works like new.
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    Rx-20 For sale

    Cap is done. New nipples and vac lines installed and ready some serious cleaning
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    Rx-20 For sale

    Indiana. That would definitely be a heavy shipping fee.