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    Gum Removal from concrete???

    I could be totally wrong, by the way. This is something I had seen a long time ago so I'm going by memory.
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    Gum Removal from concrete???

    Black spots or brown? You might want to try an alkaline with dwell and some agitation....
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    VLM assistance - equipment and process feedback needed

    Since you're starting out on a budget I'd seriously try finding a used machine first. Look for a wheels down. Also, if you really want to get going in a hurry, then I'd say go after commercial first. Commercial will provide a faster opportunity to start making money and will give you the...
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    Got a new TM

    Congrats on the machine, Andy!
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    Las Vegas TMF lunch Friday 10/17 at 12:30

    Have you tried the animal style fries? Not as many are familiar with that .
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    My first VLM Photos

    I see lots of LVT now and seemingly less VCT or am I wrong? Is LVT a similar cleaning process?
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    Orbot Weight Kit

    Weight kit makes all the difference in the world.
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    Orbot Weight Kit

    1 - 2 plates for residential, 2 - 3 for commercial.
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    Hardwood Job

    You can tell the difference by eyeballing it? If so, how?
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    I don't know how you porty hacks do it...

    I don't doubt the benefits for a second.
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    I don't know how you porty hacks do it...

    You might want to try padding some of these jobs - at least the empties. It's not as fast a TM, but faster than a porty (from my experience). I can give you some chem if you'd like.
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    Grease hawg is AMAZING!

    Both are considered low moisture. The difference is the process: Padcapping = using absorbent pads like SuperZorbs, Glad Pads, Bonnet Pro, Microfber, etc. to pull dirt out Encapping = using fiber pads, brushes and to a lesser extent Tuway's to scrub the floor. The difference is less soil is...
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    I just can't seem to get the results I want with VLM!

    Have you been happy with the Escape's results? Have you done tile and grout with it?
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    Grease hawg is AMAZING!

    I just checked the updated sample pack and it comes with both Hot Knife Extreme and Grease Hawg among other products. For the general cleaning I would probably go with Hot Knife Extreme, others might suggest Grease Hawg though. For the beverages you would need something like Peroxcellent or...