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    NuBe needs a truck - but what kind/size?

    Same situation. About $1000 to 3000 cash 650 avg fico I currently have a portable and would like to finish jobs faster and charge a bit more. Right now I charge about $39/area or $0.39-$0.58/sqft for Basic carpet cleaning Any advice on what is a good basic setup that is enough to take...
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    How can I promote my business?

    Always stay hiring and creating TEAMS Search online and offline with little road signs that say - HIRING $15/hour! Have your website with a page for recruiting. Teams of 3 work well for us. We alway hire assistants and look for the few that have that LEADERSHIP personality. We have a...
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    Introductin Post - I am here to help

    We at 3kings Cleaning LLC have been servicing the Metro Atlana area for over 10 years! We began our cleaning journey in 2006 with house cleaning for only $40! Wow, I still can not believe to this day how low our prices were! Now, we offer top-notch cleaning services with some of the top...