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    Asking customers if they're sick or exposed to the virus.

    Gotta love the human race. We are hell bent on self destruction.
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    Does anyone have an old no good 45 blower laying around?

    If we can find Larsux then I think you’re in luck. He’s much older than 45 but he blows so much stupidity it’s not even funny.. mph you meant a truck mount blower,, eh no Don’t have one.
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    Trident fmd20 Seems like a nice piece of equipment. I will only be using it for vct. Anyone have any experience with this machine? Demo did very well dry scrubbing vct.
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    Post a funny picture!!!

    Larson is a disrespectful a$$hole. I however did not make misleading statements. That is Rob’s point.
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    Post a funny picture!!!

    you’re a fudgeing asshole. I hope you die in tour sleep.
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    Post a funny picture!!!

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    Post a funny picture!!!

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    Police brutality/BLM/NFL National Anthem

    Ignore him. You'll feel better.
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    Will Trump's first budget year raise or lower our debt?

    Difference is I didn't cry about him every 5 minutes. Quit being ignorant.
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    Will Trump's first budget year raise or lower our debt?

    If you don't like Trump as your president then move. I didn't cry every 5 minutes over the 8 years we all suffered. Move on.
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    Dear Bonesaw

    Lays good. Starts to pop after the third coat. I don't buff it after applying. It has instant shine. I know there are better waxes out there. I would guess top shape is middle grade but it's what I'm used to. It's one of those "forgiving " waxes.
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    Dear Bonesaw

    5 coats of Top Shape.
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    Dear Bonesaw

    Dear Bonesaw, Please figure out your shipping and come back to me. I've included some pics of our happier days. Whatever I did wrong I'll fix it.
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    bonesaw vct stripper

    Is there any way around this??? I really depend on this stripper but can't store it.
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    All you need are good products to strip and wax

    I like it. Nice work!