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    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    Both my trucks has swivel stair tools one single jet my son likes and I carry a dual jet that i like, cleaning the risers is a breeze with the swivel stair wands, If you cant clean the whole stair whats the sense of cleaning them at all! I fired an employee once when I made a surprise visit to a...
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    My new Truckmount

    First time back in a long while, Really looking forward to seeing this unit!
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    Tile and Grout cleaning Springfeild Oregon...

    I know she said they have 16 restrooms and a huge Gymnasium? She didn't say if the Gym had tile and grout though but that's what she and I were talking about so I would think so. I told her I would get some info. on whom was interested in the job, she said as far as companies in her area was...
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    Tile and Grout cleaning Springfeild Oregon...

    I know of someone looking for a company that can clean a lot of tile & grout in a huge office building in Oregon. She seen my pics of the tile and grout we clean here in NY and was astonished by our video I posted, she says the company that is trying to clean it now is just not doing the job...
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    My New macdaddy Truckmount

    Awesome set up I have the same with the Chevy extended van, I have the water pond with the live vac and water set up also with the electric for winding the hose... worth every penny!
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    Who uses the swivel head stair tools?

    It swivels easy on its own, corner to the step and it swivels or you can swivel it by hand very easy.
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    Who uses the swivel head stair tools?

    Awesome tool for stairs, under beds that shouldn't be moved... clean up the risers and clean down the stairs, simple and easy... reminds me I need to order another one for my new truck.
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    Wand for cleaning under beds

    Swivel head stair tool works great!
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    How to clean stairs (Training video)

    Hey Rob, I viewed this vid awhile back, great stuff! I too just turned 30 years in the carpet cleaning business. I just ordered your ride a long dvd as well as your pre spray to try... I am looking forward to it. Great job with TMF, awesome place to be.
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    Chemical list

    Great line up of products! I love the bridgepoint products, too bad I won't order anymore after spending tens of thousands of dollars with my distributor, I guess he don't seem to think that my business is that important and I order quite a sum at a time too. The products are great though...
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    How much would it be worth?

    I have a 1997 white magic truck mount with the 20 hp Kawasaki engine 2900 hours may need to be gone through and checked over have all the tanks and hose reels too... My real question is how much is it worth if I sell it? I have too many projects and not enough time. Just thinking of selling it...
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    The one that don't pay and need to set them on fire!... Smokin' HOT!!!
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    Commercial carpet question

    Prespray with traffic slam, clean with white lightning. I also use the RX 20 rotary, cleans them up every time.
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    What do I do here?

    Move on bro. Probably a tight wad anyways. I had an account that was on a regular schedule and they had me show up an hour early three times in a row and sit and wait to do the job. I went to that account tonight, same old thing we don't close until 9:30 and then an hour to clean up... I fired...
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    rotovac power wand

    I use mine with the portable for trashed carpets and there's nothing like it, I don't use the portable much but when I do the power wand goes with it. I run it at 200 psi and it gets the job done. I do a dry pass as well. Great deal by the way.