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  • Chris, Want to pick your brain for a minute. My radiator on my TM shows signs of leaking at the very top. I can visually see the trail from the top to the bottom. The radiator cap is in the center. Not leaking from there but somewhere from the top, closer to the side. I have pressured tested it and can not see any signs of leakage. That was done when the radiator was cool. Can you pressure test under hot coolant? Would this show me where it is leaking? What about a dye in the coolant, is this possible? the level in the radiator is down about 1" from the top, so i believe it is leaking somewhere above this level. Have replaced the cap. would like your imput. thanks aaron
    I saw the install of the direct drive you did in a post. I have a 92 gmc/butler from Milwalkie and it rusting bad . I was hoping you could consult me on my options since butler is no help with that 3375407117 Blaine.... I really like the butler and dont want to loose it.
    The vacuum hose reel that was installed in this there anyway to make it go faster....On my vortex..that reel hauled ass...probably a little to fast at times....this reel I can push the button and stand there and eat my lunch waiting for the end of the hose to show up.....I need more speed
    Hey Chris, I just wanted to say thanx again for all the help troubleshooting the tm! If/when Coop ever decides to sell hoodies....I owe you one!
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