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    Hello Scott, hope you have been doing well. One more question since the last answered was helped...

    Hello Scott, hope you have been doing well. One more question since the last answered was helped me take decision. The question i have is; Which one would you recommend Interlink leasing program or Financial Service Loan?
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    2016 TMF Member of the Year Nominations

    I really enjoy reading post/reply from few members on here,i am always thankful to all of them. Before i thank them i thank TMF and the team for their great effort and hard work for making TMF a great source of gaining knowledge and sharing ideas. With that being said, i will pick @Scott W as...
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    The Big Thread of Good Books

    I am not yet at the level where i could suggest you a book. I can read all day long if the books keep me next to it, but there are very few books that have done that. I listen to Jim Rohn audiobook. When you are totally bored try Jim Rohn's paper/audio book. Some of his audio books on Youtube...
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    Filtration Stains Solved

    I totally agree on what you wrote about carbon filtration. Its time consuming for me to clean those carbon filtration lines around the vents. Can you tell me what did you use to clean that carbon filtration lines and how much time did you spend to clean them? Thanks
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    Hi all...:)

    Did you confirm your account using the confirmation link you get into email right after signing up?
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    CC Business Expenses

    Do we charge sales tax on services like carpet cleaning?
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    CC Business Expenses

    @Scott W , You have no idea how much i appreciate you for sending me the spreadsheets. The spreadsheets is what something i had been looking for a long time. I even tried buying some carpet cleaning business books from Amazon. Most of those books contain general knowledge and business safety...
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    CC Business Expenses

    I just emailed Mr. Scott for a copy.
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    CC Business Expenses

    I am sure everyone has their own expenses or investment for their business. I also understand chemical price vary and everyone has their own choice of using chems. I am asking how much the expenses are in general?
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    CC Business Expenses

    I was gonna write into my post that, i would like to know general expenses quote. Expenses(per truck) that apply to any carpet cleaning business owner.
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    CC Business Expenses

    I asked one question few months ago, and iv got satisfactory replied from you all experts. I read posts pretty much everyday. I tried to find a thread about the business expenses for cc business, but i couldnt find any. So i thought to post a thread asking you all experts about, what are the...
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    Help getting started new CC business

    I am thinking to focus on residential in the beginning. Word of mouth marketing, this is something i really believe in. Thinking to just focus on residential for couple months to see how that work. And i may get to work at someone who owns businesses(who knows), and i have worked at people house...
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    Help getting started new CC business

    I agree. You are right. I still have to think about, how much business i would be able to get from the network i have. All the earning from this part time business will go towards CC equipment until i get all the tools i need(so its very temporary concern at some point). If i am going at someone...