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    Mediclean question

    Totally agree and i dig deep into it to find more detail, i couldnt find anything nor i know any good disinfectant beside Mediclean. I have Mediclean QCG(green lable). I dint find anything on there either. Thank you for the detailed reply.
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    Mediclean question

    Water would damage the drywalls.
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    Mediclean question

    It works well in electrostatic sprayer?
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    Mediclean question

    Hello everyone, Question regarding using Mediclean Germicidal Disinfectant. Can we Mediclean in electrostatic sprayer to disinfect walls, furniture, carpet? If no, any suggestion on good disinfectant that would be good for electrostatic sprayer? I am already new owner of a business, just...
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    Van recommendation

    I just bought chevy 2500 with legend has belly tank
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    First Post... Looking for advice

    Little input from my side. “With this beginning set up, carpet, tile, wood floor etc” You dint mention your experience working in the cleaning field. Anyway, i would recommend, find out what are you good at cleaning. The process of cleaning, tile and carpet(based on my experience) are...
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    Water softener structure help

    It worked. Thank you guys
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    Water softener structure help

    I will do that, also need to recharge the softener.
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    Water softener structure help

    The hose connected to truck mount directly, comes from water softener, theres another hose that comes from softener and feed into pump to water tank. And theres one hose wrapped around it just like you have one around your softener(not connected to anything), and theres another one it just...
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    Water softener structure help

    The middle blue that comes out of softener is free, and the white short hose with female connector thar is tied with softener is also free. These two gets me confuse. Which one is used for filling up.
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    Water softener structure help

    I just bought this set up and has water softener and also chemical jug that auto feed the chemical. Im not really familia with both options. My main question is, how to fill up fresh water tank using water softener. There are couples hoses running from water softener and its confusing the heck...
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    Legend got prime hose?

    Im also very new to Legend GT. After starting your TM, you normally prime chem to let any bubble out of the chem line. Once its primed , turn switch to ON position to continue feeding chemical into the line. Hope this make sense.
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    White carpet yellowed

    Im not expert like most of the gents on here, iv little over 5 years of experience cleaning carpets. I will write my input. Iv came across similar situation, i had to go twice to fix the similar problem. It was beige berber and had same problem. It cleaned out well just with water, without...
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    Need help purchasing

    Its in Londonderry NH